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PIne Cone Christmas Trees on the wood table with DIY wood houses and cedar
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Pine Cone Trees


  • 3 Pinecones
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Vise grip pliers
  • Scissors
  • Garden snips
  • Cone form


  • The first step is carefully snipping off all the pine cone scales of a few pine cones. I use a paper plate to help contain the mess as I snip the scales.
  • Then separate the scales into three piles according to their size.
  • Starting at the widest end (the bottom), start placing the largest pine cone scales in a tight row along the bottom by adding a line of hot glue along the cut end of the scale. Hold the scale for a few seconds before adding the next one.
  • For the next few rows, you can use the largest scales. Place the second row of scales, overlapping about 1/8″ t0 1/16″ the scales in the first row. Be sure to cover the cut ends of scales in the row before as you continue each row.
  • For the middle rows, use the middle-sized scales and continue with that size until the last few rows, then switch to using the small scales.
  • Using a cone without a pointed tip, you will need to create a pointed tip using the smallest scales and hot glue.
  • First, you will need to glue a row of small scales on the last scale attached to the cone form to create the tip.
  • Then, while the glue is still hot, angle it towards the center. You may need to repeat that step for another row or two to achieve the pointed tip shape.
  • The pine cone has a center scale at the top with a small ball on the top (the cherry on the top) that you can use to fill in the tiny opening of the tip.
  • I used a small wood slice as the base for the pine cone Christmas tree. Next, I cut a 5/8″ piece of stick for the tree’s trunk and sanded the cut ends.
  • To attach the tree to the wood slice base, I added a generous amount of hot glue and then waited for a few seconds before placing it in the center of the wood slice.


DIY Pine Cone Tree Options

    1. You can use a foam form or a piece of poster board shaped into a cone for your cone.
    2. Next, you could use gathered pine cones, or you could purchase them.
    3. You can make trees without a trunk or a base, but instead, they sit on the bottom edge of the form.
    4. Additionally, you could paint the trees with spray paint or craft paint. They would look gorgeous painted white (snow) or green for a more "real" Christmas tree.