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three off white sweater pumpkins sitting on burlap
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DIY Sweater Pumpkins

Learn how to Make adorable Sweater Pumpkins from thrift store sweaters. They are a quick and easy no-sew pumpkin project...


  • Sweaters
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Leaf Pattern (download)
  • Pin
  • Knife
  • Measuring tape



  • After selecting my sweaters from the Goodwill (thrift store), I like to wash them and rise with plenty of fabric softener.
  • While the sweaters are drying I paint pumpkins to match the sweaters.
  • Measure the largest area of your pumpkin with a measuring tape, then add about 6 inches. Note: This is will the length of the sweater sleeve needed to cover the pumpkin.
  • Using that measurement, measure up from your sweater's sleeve cuff and cut off that section.
  • Turn the sweater inside out and gather the cut end, then secure with a rubber band.
  • Cut a hole in the bottom of the foam pumpkin with a sharp knife.
  • Push the rubber-banded end into the hole you cut in the pumpkin. Then add a little glue around the hole to hold the sweater end in place.
  • Once the glue is dry and set, you can gently pull the sleeve over the pumpkin turning it right side out.
  • Pull the sleeve fabric up to the top and tie it off with a rubber band.
  • Next, tie twine around the rubber band, leaving a long end to cover the sleeve fabric to make a stem.
  • Using the long end of the twine, wrap the twine around the sweater fabric, adding a small dot of glue every other row as you create a stem of twine.
  • When the stem is the right length carefully cut off any excess sweater fabric.
  • Fill the top of the cut-off sweater with twine by making circles with the twine until you reach the center (adding tiny dots of glue as you go), and the entire stem is covered in twine. Next, cut off the remaining twine and glue in place.

Burlap Leaves

  • I printed out the leaf pattern and pinned it on a piece of burlap, then cut around the pattern to make the leaves. Next, add a dot of glue, and attach the leaves to the pumpkin.

Decorating the Pumpkin

  • For the tendrils, I used twine dipped in Mod Podge wrapped around a pencil and allowed to dry or pieces of rope.
  • I added raffia for the bow; however, you can add ribbon or lace instead.