Determine the bow size you want to make. Next, make a loop with the ribbon, then loop your ribbon around the first loop two more times.

Cut the ribbon off just about an inch past the center. To form the streamer or tails, fold a piece of ribbon in half just a little longer than your desired final length and cut the ribbon.

To form the bow, pinch the center of the three ribbon circles. Next, pinch the center of your stream tail and hold it on the pinched loops’ center bottom.

Use a zip tie around the center of the bow’s loops to fasten it all together. Add center knot by tying a knotted ribbon around the center of the bow.

To fluff the bow, I start with the inside left loop and pull it to the bottom, and then I grab the loop on the opposite side and do the same thing.

Get the full instructions and pro tips at the link below plus instructions on how to make even more types of bows!