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DIY Gnome with a faux fur beard and gray felt hat. Sitting on a gray and while buffalo check throw blanket.
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DIY Gnome {Sock Gnome}

Learn to make an Easy DIY Gnome with a sock in less than 5 minutes!



How to Make the Gnome (sock) Body

  • Measure out 48 ounces (dry measure) of your filler (I used rice). Then fill the sock with the rice.
  • Place your sock over a large cup filled with rice and turn the cup upside down and fill the sock with the rice.
  • Gather the top of the sock and secure it closed with a rubber band. For extra security, you can tie a piece of twine over the rubber band. No need to cut off the sock if you use an ankle sock. However, if you use a longer sock, you may need to cut it off about 1.5" above the rubber band

How to Make a Faux Fur Gnome Beard

  • After printing out the beard pattern, I use it as a cutting guide on the backside of the faux fur. Before cutting, make sure the fur is in the right direction, or your beard will not lay correctly.
  • To cut the faux fur, you will only cut the ground cloth. Therefore do NOT cut the fur. Instead, I like to carefully cut through the backside of fabric using a Xato Knife.
  • Next, I glue the beard onto the body about 1 to 1.25" below the rubber band. I like to angle it down from the front to the back to sit close to the body.

How to Make a Felt Gnome Hat

  • Print out the felt hat pattern. Or you can use the fabric hat pattern (see the pattern information in the notes.
  • Using your hat pattern to cut out the gnome hat. Once the hat is cut out, there is a trick to "rolling" it to get the correct cone shape and size. Start rolling and shaping from the shorter side towards the longer side and glue or hand sew the hat closed.

DIY Gnome Nose

  • Glue your wooden ball nose on the center front of the beard just below the top edge. Now place your hat on the gnome and glue it in place. Next, I place a little glue around the top and sides of the nose to help form the hat around it.

Hat Pom-Pom

  • The hat is not complete without a cute pom-pom on its end. I like to make my own pom-poms. Making my own saves money, and I can also customize them to match my gnome hat and decor. They can be attached with hot glue.


This is one of the easiest crafts I have ever done. These adorable gnomes turn out perfect every time, so they are definitely addictive. 
To make cutting out the beard and hat easier, you can print out the patterns:
Hat and Beard Pattern
Hat Pattern (fabric): you can find the complete fabric hat-making instructions and video in this earlier post.
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