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About Me

Haven Team 2019

Haven Team 2019

Kippi O’Hern

A warm hello, I am Kippi, the person behind the blog, and I want to welcome you to my home and life. My creative team, my sweet family, is the center of everything I do. My goal is to create a beautiful home one project at a time. I am a blogger, teacher, Diy’er, crafter, chef, slipcover and window treatment designer, gardener, coffee lover, and best of all, a Mom. My desire to start the blog was to share my passion for home décor, crafting, sewing, cooking, and gardening. Every day I enjoy teaching, encouraging, and inspiring others to live their best life in a lovely home they have created.

Fun Facts:

• I am a Certified Chef and Home Economics Teacher

• The first concert I ever attended was Tiny Tim

• I eat an avocado every day

• Green in my favorite color

• Purchased my first antique in 1980 (I still have that dresser)




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