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8 Furniture Thrifting Tips

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8 furniture thrifting tips:

Thrift Shops are all the rage right now and you never know what diamond you may find in the rough. Furniture is always our first stop in a thrift shop! I am always looking for a chair to reupholster or a desk to Shabby chic. So I wanted to share 8 furniture thrifting tips and some tricks of the trade to keep in mind next time you go GoodWill hunting!

Chairs and Sofas:

– Always check out the legs of the chair! Sometimes you can find vintage chairs with wooden legs in mint condition – those are always a steal! 

– Check for missing parts. If the arm has come off the chair, don’t waste your time thinking you can repair it. You will likely run in to a slew of structural issues and a large headache. Know when to pass!

-Don’t be deterred by atrocious fabrics! They did a lot of weird things in the 60’s and 70’s – some fabrics are super groovy others hurt your eyes…don’t be deterred by ugly fabric. The fabric is the first thing to go when reupholstering or isn’t visible when making a slip cover. Look past it and appreciate the chair for its unique style and good condition.

-Just look at the overall condition. If springs are sprawling out and the back is torn up, you probably ought to pass. Look for finds in decent condition-there is such a thing as beyond repair.


Desks, Bookshelves, and tables:

-Don’t buy composite…just don’t.

-Look for solid wood. If you can’t lift it by yourself, that is probably a good sign that it is solid wood and that my friends is gold! These pieces can last hundreds of years if well kept and can be a great focal point of the room when your project is complete!

-Don’t worry about polishes and finishes on solid wood. You can easily sand off the varnishes that grace most every piece of furniture at the thrift shop. Our FAVORITE way to transform ugly varnished pieces is with chalk paint. We just LOVE this product. These are decorative chalk paints that last and give a beautiful texture and color to vintage pieces, bringing them into this century!

-Go vintage! Don’t be afraid to explore with a piece from the 60’s because with some love and elbow grease, you can make any ancient piece timeless!

A client of ours recently found and old ugly chair at the thrift shop and by following these tips and having us reupholster it, she now has a beautiful, custom refurbished, inexpensive chair that she couldn’t love more!

Finished chair after following 8 furniture thrifting tips

Finished chair after following 8 furniture thrifting tips

Good luck with your GoodWill hunting and keep these 8 Tips for furniture Thrifting in mind next time you’re at the thrift shop with $20 in your pocket! Make it fun and make it yours! Remember those .

Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you will leave me a hello in the comments below. What was your biggest thrift store bargain?
Kippi O’Hern

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