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Antique Wardrobe Rescue

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This antique wardrobe makeover started when I saw a photo of it for sale on Facebook Market Place and fell in love. Did I need it? No. However, I had to save it.

The gentleman I purchased this antique wardrobe from also wanted to rescue it but did not have the time to dedicate to the project. He tried and tried to sell it, but there were no takers. Finally, I made him an offer he could not refuse since I really wanted to update it.

He was mainly interested in the antique wardrobe being rescued and loved. But, unfortunately, the wardrobe was missing the mirror and the framework for the mirror. 

It is a heavy solid oak wardrobe with years of use left in it, but it needed a makeover.

Blue Painted Wardrobe outside

Painted Wardrobe

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The photo below is the one that I saw on Facebook Market Place. 

Wardrobe at time of purchase with the door broken off and the mirror and mirror bracket missing

Wardrobe at time of purchase



Antique Wardrobe Makeover

As soon as I purchased the piece, I started a Pinterest search for similar wardrobes and chifforobes. The missing framework and mirror needed to be remade, but I wanted to design what was originally part of this wardrobe. 

Wardrobe Makeover Supplies

Paint (I used Farmhouse Paint)




Palm sander

Wood glue


Mirror hardware

Oak lumber

👀You might enjoy watching this video of us moving this super heavy piece of furniture.

Building a Mirror Frame and Bracket

I noticed that the legs of this piece had simple lines, so I figured the mirror framework would have had simple lines too. In this next photo, you can see the plain wood post I made to hold the mirror.

Once I built the brackets, a local company cut a mirror to fit my DIY frame. 

Antique wardrobe with the door broken off and the mirror bracket added

Mirror framework added to the wardrobe


I wanted to leave the wood the natural wood tone, but since the mirror frame and bracket are new, it would be impossible to leave it natural. For this reason, I decided to use chalk paint. You can read more about why I chose chalk paint in this earlier post.

 I painted the frame and framework blue, purchased the mirror tilt hardware, and was as good as new. It was pure happiness to see this once loved wardrobe updated and ready for a new life.

Back view of the Mirror tilt hardware added to wardrobe

Mirror tilt hardware added to the wardrobe

The wardrobe still had the original wood supports, so I used those to attach the mirror framework.

Back view of wardrobe of the complete antique wardrobe outside

Back view of the wardrobe

After photos of the antique wardrobe rescue:

I painted this beauty’s exterior with two coats of Farmhouse Paint in pigeon blue and then painted the interior and the sides of the drawers with aqua paint.

The aqua-painted drawer sides are just a bonus to the overall detailing of this fine piece of furniture that is sure to be a family heirloom.

Side view of painted wardrobe with the drawers pulled out to show the side of the drawers painted

View of painted sides of drawers

The hanging clothes bar is still in great condition and ready for your clothes or table cloths.

View inside of wardrobe painted in aqua with the clothes bar still intact

View inside of wardrobe painted in aqua

This has been another successful antique wardrobe rescue. 

Closeup view of the wardrobe drawers

Gorgeous blue paint


I am obsessed with the completed antique wardrobe rescue. It turned out better than I thought it would. My daughter chose the paint colors. It would have been painted off white if I chose the color, and it would have been nice but not a showstopper like it is in this pretty blue and aqua.

She was inspired by the blues and teals found in nature during the spring.

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Vintage Chair before and after makeover

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