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DIY Twine Pumpkins

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Since Fall is my favorite time of year, I wanted to decorate with some rustic twine pumpkins. Unfortunately, I could not find any to purchase, so why not make my own? 

Making my own twine pumpkins turned out to be fun and very economical too. I had a few flops, but I wanted to share what worked best for making them three different ways.

Twine Pumpkins DIY sitting on a table with cotton lace ties

DIY Twine Pumpkins

How to Make Twine Pumpkins

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As I stated, I had some flops making the larger pumpkins. I figured out that if you want a larger pumpkin, you will need to use a heavier sisal twine. 

DIY Pumpkin Supplies (these supplies are for all three styles)

I highly recommend you watch the complete how to make pumpkins video before you begin.

Twine Pumpkin – Paper Towel Tube

Using a paper towel tube is easy; however, I found a few tricks I wanted to share to make it super easy. 

What do you need for this pumpkin?

  • Paper towel tube
  • Craft twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue 
  • Painter’s tape
  • Stem

DIY Twine Pumpin Steps

The best part about this craft is that I had everything on hand. I stock up on craft supplies when I visit the dollar store. I am so glad since I can stay out of the stores and craft from my stash. 

Steps for making the twine pumpkins around a paper towel

Making twine wraps


  1. After I gathered my supplies, I ripped off four pieces of painter’s tape and placed them on my craft mat.
  2. I cut a piece of twine about 18 inches long (this is the tying thread) and centered it over the paper towel tube. Then I taped both ends to the tube close to the ends of the tube. 
  3. Next, I taped the cut end of the twine roll to the tube’s left end just below the tying thread’s tape. This will be twine I will be wrapping around the tube. 
  4. Next, I started wrapping the twine until the wraps reached the right end of the tube. Finally, I cut the twine off the roll, leaving a six-inch tail, and taped it to the twine wraps.
  5. The next step is to carefully remove the twine loops (wraps) from the paper towel tube.
  6. Once you have all the twine loops off the tube, tie the twine tie thread and the loop threads. 
  7. Fluff the pumpkin loops to distribute the loops evenly.
  8. Hot glue a stem in the center of the twine pumpkin. 
Steps tying the twine pumpkin off

tying the twine thread

Adding a cotton lace bow

Lace Bow

This pumpkin turned out better than I imagined. I am addicted to making them. There is a DIY pumpkin patch growing in my house. I started the DIY pumpkin patch with pumpkins made with fabric, then sweater (these are gorgeous), and now twine.


How to Make a Twine Pumpkin with a Ruler

I wanted some mini pumpkins, so I decided to make a few for my fall decor with a ruler. These will make adorable pumpkins I can use for making a fall wreath. 

Supplies for Mini Twine Pumpkins

  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stem 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Painter’s tape

The steps to make a pumpkin with a ruler are the same as the paper towel pumpkin. The only difference is using a ruler for wrapping the twine. These cute pumpkins I am going to use to decorate my Thanksgiving table.

Steps for making twine pumpkins using a ruler as form & adding astick stem

Wrapping the thread ruler

How to Make a Hand Twine Pumpkin 

This pumpkin takes a few minutes longer to make but is a little larger too. 

Supplies for Hand Wrap Pumpkins

I used items I had on hand to make these pumpkins. However, if you do not have everything on hand, you can find everything in my Amazon Craft Store.

Supplies for making the hand wrap pumpkins on a craft mat

Crafting supplies

  1. After I gathered my supplies, I cut 5 pieces of wire 12-inches long. 
  2. Next, I wrapped the twine around my hand about 13 times the wraps then cut off the twine from the roll.
  3. The next step is to carefully remove the twine loops (wraps) from your hand.
  4. Once you have all the twine loops off your hand, secure the twine tie thread with a piece of wire. 
  5. Repeat this process 4 more times.
  6. Trim the wires and hot glue the loop wrap sections together to form a pumpkin.
  7. Fluff the pumpkin loops to distribute the loops evenly.
  8. Hot glue a stem in the center of the twine pumpkin. 



Steps for making a hand wrap twine pumpkin

Hand wrap

Assembling the hand wraps with hot glue.

Gluing the hand wrapped thread sections together and adding a stem

Hand wrap

These three methods for making pumpkins result in a slightly different pumpkin shape. But, in a grouping, they make a gorgeous centerpiece. 

Fall vignette on wood slices and books on a wood table

Fall decor

More DIY fall decor ideas you might enjoy:

Easy fall decorating ideas using Dollar Store ideas and a twine bow.


Wicker tray filled with Fall decor

Fall decor

Decoupage Pumpkins is any easy step-by-step book page upcycle. 

Three Book Page Decoupage Pumpkins sitting on a wood table

Book Page Decoupage Pumpkins

I have been working on some easy, gorgeous fall decorating projects I think you will love, so if you don’t want to miss any inspiration, join The Fall Inspiration Newsletter and get it delivered to your inbox.

Happy Fall, 





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Jayne @ Chalking Up Success

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

These twine pumpkins are so cute and so easy - I'll have to give them a try!


Thursday 9th of September 2021

Kipper, I love the rustic look and texture of your pumpkins. Thanks for the great tutorial!


Tuesday 31st of August 2021

These are adorable! I love them Pinned! I already Pinned your decoupage pumpkins


Monday 30th of August 2021

I love this project, Kippi!


Monday 30th of August 2021

Super cute!! I like the book page ones too, Happy Pumpkin season!!

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