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Saint Patrick’s Day Simple Pleasures

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How do you like to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?  Coffee in bed, as a matter of fact, is my idea of a great start to a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration. A chocolate croissant might not seem like traditional fare, but Saint Patrick did attend seminary in France. Italian aqua, well again, Saint Patrick was from Britain and at that time it was part of the Roman Empire. The elements on the breakfast tray have both shamrocks and a harp which are emblems of Ireland.  Why not have a wee bit of fun and enjoy coffee in bed this Saint Patrick’s Day? It is easy to tweak the breakfast tray to accommodate any holiday: the first start with the basic elements (flower jars, creamer and sugar bowls, water glasses and a tray) then add a few holiday-specific elements, such as, coffee mugs, napkins, flowers, and any small decor items that fit into the grouping.

Saint Patrick's Day coffee in bed, served with Irish emblems, treat yourself with breakfast in bed #breakfastinbed #stparicksday #selfcare #coffee #irishemblems

You deserve coffee in bed Saint Patrick’s Day: simple pleasures

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St. Patrick:

Born 387 A.D. in Britain. St. Patrick became a priest and moved to Ireland where he baptized thousands and opened many monasteries. He is most notably remembered for spreading Christianity across the islands.

Saint Patrick's Day Saint Patrick image, learn the about Irish Emblems #ireland #treatyourself #coffeeinbed

Saint Patrick’s Day

Emblems of Ireland:

On St. Patrick’s Day many people dress up in green, wear Irish emblems, eat Irish food and some enjoy Irish beverages. With this in mind, what do those emblems and traditions represent?


Possibly the widest recognized emblem of Ireland is the shamrock. St. Patrick used it as an illustration for the Christian Holy Trinity.

Saint Patrick's Day shamrock on Saint Patrick's Day , emblems of Ireland #ireland #coffeeinbed #shamrock

Shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day

Celtic Cross:

With its distinctive feature of the added ring they were usually carved from stone, for this reason, there are still some examples still standing today.

Saint Patrick's Day Celtic cross Saint Patrick's Day, emblems of Ireland #celticcross #emblemsofireland #coffeeinbed #stparticksday

Celtic Cross emblem for Saint Patrick’s Day


The traditional Irish Claddagh is a symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty. Usually, this emblem is made into jewelry and given as a ring namely to the one you love.

Saint Patrick's Day Claddagh emblem Saint Patrick's Day #emblemsofireland #claddagh #coffeeinbed #stpatricksday #kippiathome

Claddagh emblem


The Irish harp is one of the oldest national emblems in the world. Still recognized today.

Saint Patrick's Day Celtic Harp for Saint Patrick's Day #celticharp #irishemblems #stpatricksday #coffeeinbed #selfcare #kippiathome

Celtic Harp

Irish Fiddle:

The Irish fiddle dates back several hundred years and is one of the important instruments in traditional Irish music. By all means, it is a violin, but what differentiates it is the style in which it is played.

Saint Patrick's Day Irish fiddle play on Saint Patrick's Day to celebrate

Irish Fiddle

Tara Brooch:

The brooch is an example of astounding craftsmanship made sometime between 650 to 750 A.D.

Saint Patrick's Day Tara brooch, emblems of Ireland #tarabrooch #emblemsofireland #irish #stpatricksday #coffeeinbed #kippiathome

Tara Brooch, Saint Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick's Day Emblems, Breakfast in Bed #stpatricksday #breakfastinbed #coffee #selfcare #kippiathome

St. Patrick’s Day Emblems, Breakfast in Bed

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In closing:

I wanted to share a little secret: if you have not thought to do this it is a great time to start by purchasing a few items on-sale the day after the holiday to save for next year. For example napkins, mugs, plates, and small decor items.  In fact, anything with Irish emblems, such as those previously mentioned, would make a great addition to your Saint Patrick’s coffee in bed tray. Enjoy the simple pleasures, such as coffee and chocolate croissants in bed for a change this Saint Patrick’s Day.

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