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DIY Coat Rack

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After looking for a coat rack in home improvement stores and online, I still could not find the right size and shape I wanted.

Therefore I decided to make a DIY coat rack using industrial hooks for organizing our coats, shopping bags, and totes in our mudroom.


The DIY coat hook with tote

Installing the industrial pipe coat hooks

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**I purchased this lovely market tote while on vacation in Seaside, Florida, but I found this similar one online.


How to Build a DIY Coat Rack

Since the space for the coat rack was only 20 inches wide, I had to make a custom coak rack.

Supplies and Tools

After gathering my supplies, I am ready to build industrial pipe coat hooks for my command center wall.

Coat Hook Board building supplies

Coat rack building supplies

Measure and Wood Cuts

I selected lumber from my scrap wood pile since I only needed a 20″ finished length of cut lumber.

Measure lumber for coat hooks and mark with a pencil

Measure lumber for coat hooks

Since the lumber had some damage, I used the area that was in perfect condition; therefore, I paid nothing for the lumber. 

Cutting lumber to desired length using a chopsaw

Cut Lumber

Sand and Apply Wood Finish

After cutting my lathing, I sanded it by hand with a piece of sandpaper. However, you can use a palm sander to achieve a smooth finish.

Once I was satisfied with the smoothness of the wood, I cleaned it off with a tack cloth. Note: Using a tack cloth is a great idea to remove all the sawdust before finishing your wood. I like using a water-based finish since it dries fast, and the cleanup is easy and fast.

Next, I painted on the finish with long strokes following the grain in the wood. After 30 minutes, the finish was dry to the touch to attach the flanges and hooks. 


After sanding cut lumbar finish with polycrylic

Apply polyacrylic

Attach Hooks

My first step was to measure the flange’s diameter to calculate the spacing between each one. Then, once satisfied with the flange placement, I marked the centers with a pencil.

The screws included with the hooks were too long, so I used a 1/2″ screw instead.

Note: You don’t need to drill pilot holes for this project. However, you can use a spot of wood glue to hold the flange in place while attaching them to the wood.

Attaching the pipe hook flange to the finished lumbar

Attaching the flange

Note: make sure the writing on the flanges is facing the same direction. This will ensure a custom look to your finished coat hooks.

Screwing the pipe hooks into the flanges

Add pipe hooks

Installing Wall Mounted Coat Rack 

Using a level and measuring tape, I marked the wall with very light pencil marks for the coat rack board’s placement.

Installing wall hooks with scews

Installing DIY coat rack

This wall coat rack is perfect for a wall by your front door to hang your coats.

Using a drill, I installed a screw on either side of the hook board to attach to the wall.

Wall Coat Rack Additional Notes

  1. For your wood finish, dry times follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. You can finish your wood with stain, paint, wax, or any way you like.
  3. You don’t have to use pipe hooks for this project. Your choice for hook styles is endless. 

This is another idea for a coat rack that is part of our DIY hall tree

Mudroom Hall Tree - Storage and Bench, pillows and baskets

Mudroom Hall Tree


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Want More?

Please join me (HERE) as we craft up some fun. You can look forward to receiving new inspiration every week.

See you soon,




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hana jenny

Monday 22nd of January 2024

These crafts are very beautiful easy grade calculator


Monday 11th of December 2023

It would be a great idea for me to make a rack for my coats after I finish working with the time card calculator

Cindy Rust

Saturday 29th of January 2022

Kippi, you have the best ideas! This industrial-style coat hanger would look perfect in my laundry room. Thanks for sharing - pinning😊


Thursday 20th of January 2022

I love the industrial look of your coat rack.

Kippi Ohern

Friday 21st of January 2022

@Paula@SweetPea, Thank you so much. Happy New Year, Kippi

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