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How to Make 3D Paper Hearts

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Making 3D paper hearts as a Valentine’s Day craft has been a family tradition. When I was a child, we made handmade Valentine’s Day greeting cards and paper hearts for decorating. Now that I have my own family we are continuing the paper heart crafting tradition.

You can find more Valentine’s craft ideas in this earlier post. 

DIY red and white 3D paper hearts hanging from branches in a clay pot

Paper Heart tree

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How to Make Make 3D Hearts Step-by-Step

While growing up, we had limited supplies available, but our paper heart cards and decorations always turned out gorgeous.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to have fancy paper and supplies to create pretty paper hearts. We used construction paper for our hearts; however, cardstock is my preferred paper.

I like to purchase a cardstock stack booklet filled with lots of sheets of paper. You can find them with seasonal themes, geometrics, and colorways. However, you can purchase individual pieces of paper as well. 

3D Paper Heart Supplies


Red and white Heart shaped paper hearts and red and white baker's twine on a craft mat

3D heart supplies

Cutting the 3D Heart Shapes From Paper

I used my Cricut Maker (cutting machine) to cut out my heart shapes which makes it super easy. 

When you use a cutting machine, your hearts come out perfect, so they are easier to use for this craft. 

Place your paper hearts in stacks of the same color.

Cutting a red paper heart down the center about half way

Cut red hearts.

Next, cut slits in the center of your red hearts about halfway down the center.

Cutting a white heart halfway up the center on a craft mat

Cut white hearts

Next, cut slits in your white hearts halfway up from the bottom.


Form 3D Paper Hearts

My favorite part of this craft is forming the 3D hearts. To make these hearts into a three-dimensional shape, you hold one red heart in your left hand.

Then with your right hand, slide a white heart down the center of the red heart. Again, you might need to cut the slits a little deeper if they do not match up. 

Repeat this process until you have used all your 3D hearts.

Forming the 3D hearts by sliding the slits of one red heart over a white heart

Slide slits together


Twine String Hanger

I coordinated Baker’s twine to hang the hearts on my “tree” I coordinated Baker’s twine. I like to cut all my twine pieces, then knot the ends to form a loop and trim the ends.

Adding a spot of hot glue at the center point where the two hearts are joined

Adding glue

To attach the twine hangers, I use a dot of hot glue in the center joint about 3/8″ down from the top.

Pressing a knotted loop of baker's twine in the hot glue to form a hanger for the heart

Attach string hanger

Then I place the knotted end of the twine into the hot glue and press until it dries. 

three Finished hearts sitting on a craft mat

3D Paper Hearts

These finished heart ornaments are ready to be used to decorate.


Closeup of Hanging 3d paper heart

hanging hearts

Decorated 3D Paper Hearts Tree 

Years ago, I created this tree from branches and a clay pot, and I enjoy decorating it every season with new ornaments. 

3D Paper Heart ornaments on a DIY tree

Valentine’s Day tree


More Valentine’s Crafts you Might Enjoy:

This adorable Valentine’s Day Pom Pom wreath was easy and fun to create.


DIY Valentine's Pom-Poms Wreath with red, white, and pinks pom-poms and a white bow

DIY Valentine’s Pom-Poms Wreath


Chocolate is the number gift for Valentine’s Day, so why not bake some chocolate cupcakes and decorate them with DIY heart picks? See how to make this adorable conversation heart picks in this earlier post.

3 chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and DIY heart picks on a tray

Valentine’s Cupcake Picks

Want More Crafting Ideas

Please join me (by filling out this form) as we craft up some fun.

You can look forward to receiving new inspiration every week and unique online crafting events seasonal and holiday crafting. 








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