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DIY Flower Arranging

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I wanted to share an easy tutorial about flower arranging today. The arrangement was for tea time. I remember I had the perfect vessel since I was setting up to serve tea at church, and my friend’s grandson decided to help with the teapot and broke the lid.

My friend wanted to discard the teapot since the lid was broken, but I saw it as a perfect vessel for a floral arrangement, especially tea time. 

Making tea time special with pretty floral arrangements, lovely teacups, a touch of whimsy, and of course, tea. Sharing tea in the afternoon is the perfect time to unwind and reconnect with family and friends.

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Teapot Centerpiece and Hand Painted Sign DIY

Teapot Centerpiece and Hand Painted Sign DIY

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How to Arrange Flowers

I purchased three floral types from Publix (local grocery store) roses, baby’s breath, and greenery; despite the small amount of floral used, the teapot centerpiece made a pretty arrangement.

Elements for floral arranging DIY, Rae Dunn inspired sign, Tea Time

Elements for floral arranging


Steps to a beautiful floral arrangement:

  1. Using scissors, cut open all the floral and greenery warping.
  2. Then remove outer petals from roses.
  3. Also, remove all the leaves from roses.
  4. Tape the top of your vessel.
  5. Using floral snips, cut the roses to the same height (about 2 to 3 inches taller than the vessel). Start by cutting just one rose, then check how it looks with a 3″ taller rose placed in the center. Adjust height if necessary.
  6. Once all the roses are cut to the same length, start placing them in the vessel between the tape grid, placing them crossing back and forth, and creating a grid inside the vessel. This way, they will support the top roses, baby’s breath, and greenery.
  7. Then I added the eucalyptus. There were only three eucalypti, so I had to move them around a little to see what I liked best.
  8. Next, start cutting the baby’s breath one piece at a time and filling in around the roses.
  9. Add water
Teapot with roses, easy teapot floral arrangement

Teapot with roses

Tape grid, cleaning up the steam and roses, easy to DIY floral arrangement

Tape grid, cleaning up the steam and roses.

Cutting roses to length, teapot floral arranging with roses DIY

Cutting roses to length

Crisscrossing roses, teapot arrangement DIY

Crisscrossing roses

***Special invitation to join me as we take the 30-Day Organization Challenge to create 

Adding Eucalyptus, easy floral arraging teapot with roses

Flower Arranging with Eucalyptus

Finished teapot floral arrangement, easy floral arranging

Finished teapot floral arrangement

Adding a touch of whimsy Rae Dunn inspired Tea Time sign

Adding a touch of whimsy Rae Dunn inspired Tea Time sign

Teapot Arrangement and Tea Time Sign

Teapot Arrangement and Tea Time Sign

Tea Time Sign DIY

I love to make these cute little block signs to add to vignettes. My Tea Time sign was Rae Dunn inspired and perfected to my afternoon tea time vignette. You can easily make some too, see how in my earlier post HERE and grab the free design with the form below.

Tea Time Sign DIY, easy floral arranging, teapot filled with roses

Tea Time Sign DIY

The instructions are so simple, and they are a breeze to make. I love them. They are perfect for Mother’s Day, tea parties, and everyday tea time.

Sweet pink roses and baby's breath in a teapot Teapot Centerpiece Hand Painted Sign

Teapot Centerpiece Hand Painted Sign

Teapot Centerpiece Hand Painted Sign

Teapot Centerpiece Hand Painted Sign

A nod to the past with a glass frog, Teapot Centerpiece Hand Painted Sign

A nod to the past with a glass floral frog

My favorite sweet treat to serve with tea is Russian Tea Cakes.

Russian Tea Cakes

Russian Tea Cakes

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I want to thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you have enjoyed the post.  Are you feeling inspired to create a beautiful but super easy spring floral arrangement?  I find it therapeutic to create due to my complete focus on the project; therefore, I am not worrying about anything and just enjoying the process. This DIY flower arrangement and hand-painted sign were a blast to create; therefore, I will be arranging more spring and Easter arrangements and wreaths. I love that you decided to visit today. Please leave a hello in the comments below. 

I will be starting some window treatment DIY posts, but I wanted to ask you first if you would like to learn about making Roman shades or valances.

Happy Spring,


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