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succulent planters

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Decorating with pretty a succulent planter is easy and inexpensive with these ideas. 

Decoupaged shoe filled with succulents on a tree stump

Succulent planter

This month, I have retaken the challenge with the In’l Blogger’s Club. This month’s challenge is to create something with leather or pleather. 

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Int’l bloggers club

Succulent Planter DIY

This post contains affiliate links. In other words, if you purchase from one of these links, I will make a small commission, but rest assured, you will not pay more for any products. 

You can make your gorgeous succulent planters for faux or real plants. My daughter made an adorable leather shoe planter, so I was inspired to try to make one too.

My favorite part is the decoupaged napkins over the leather. If you are new to decoupaging you can read more about how to decoupage in an earlier post about decoupaging.


  • Shoe
  • Sandpaper (220)
  • Succulents
  • Napkins
  • Mod Podge (paper)
  • Cotton lace
  • Hot glue
  • White paint
  • Moss
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Plastic bags for stuffing
  • You can watch my daughter making one of these in this how-to video
Supplies to make a planter on a craft mat

planter supplies


I sanded the leather surface to remove some of the finish to allow the paint to adhere.

Sanding the shoe on a craft mat

Shoe Sanding


To allow the napkin’s design to be seen I painted the leather parts of the shoe with white paint.

Paint the leather part of the shoe with what chalk paint

Paint the shoe

Napkin Decoupage Succulent Planter

Working in small areas, paint Mod Podge on the shoe over the dried paint. I worked quickly smoothing the napkin over the wet Mod Podge with a dry brush and plastic wrap. 


Decoupage napkin onto shoe's leather

Napkin Decoupage



To cover the heel with twine, I started by adding a dot of hot glue on the backside of the heel and placing the cut end of the twine in the glue. Next, I started wrapping the twine around the heel, putting glue in spots as needed.

Cover heel with jute twine

Cover heel


Glue the end of the twine on the inside of the heel

Glue twine on the heel


Make shoelaces from twine the same length as the original shoelaces and add a small piece of tape around the cut ends.

I used a wire loop to pull the laces through the holes to lace the shoe.


Thread Twine shoelace with wire loop through lace holes

Lace shoe


I used shopping bags to stuff the shoe. 

Stuff the shoe with plastic bags

Stuff shoe

Lace Trim Succulent Planter

Next, I added lace trim with hot glue around the top edges and the top of the shoe’s heel.

Glue the lace around the top edges of the shoe

Attach lace


Succulents, moss, glue and wire cutter ;

Planter filling supplies


Add succulents with hot glue

Fill with succulents


Shoe Succulent planter sitting on a table

Shoe succulent planter


Succulent Pots

Succulent pots can be purchased but my mantra is why buy when you can DIY?

My daughter painted an amazing succulent pot last year that is perfect for my office.

Painted succulent pot with succulent and babies on a wood table

Succulent pot


She also painted a Boho pot and made a concrete plant hanger to hold the succulent pot.

Boho hanging planter with succulents hanging from a wood trellis

hanging succulent planter


More Pleatherable Leather Inspiration 

Leather craft Ideas in a graphic

leather/Pleater crafting ideas

Antia from Unique Creations by Anita created a geometric lion wall art using pleather and paint. 


Wall art with a lion and geometric shapes in the brown, orange and white

Lion Wall Art


Michelle from A Crafty Mix created a gorgeous Boho leather planter.

Leather, feathers, and beads plant hanger hanging on a wall

Wall plant hanger

Maire from Interior Frugalista crafted embossed coasters just in time for spring guests.

Brown leather embossed with a black design on table

Embossed coasters

Sara from Birdz of a Feather created a DIY remote control holder.

DIY white wood and tan leather remote control holder with two remotes sitting on a wood table

Remote holder

Want More Craft Ideas?

Please join me (with this form) as we craft up some fun. You can look forward to receiving new inspiration every week. 

See you soon,



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Tuesday 12th of December 2023

Decorative ideas for your home are very special. I really admire this talent of yours. Stickman Boost


Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

They are so beautiful. I wish I have them in my home. bloxd io

Andre Mathis

Wednesday 11th of January 2023

I was curious about where you obtained the shoes with such a lovely design. They were decoupage, but I never would have suspected it. This unusual succulent planter is really cool, down to the lovely napkin and twine heel!


Monday 25th of April 2022


rosemary palmer

Sunday 24th of April 2022

Love this - I had a pair of wooden shoes I wish I had kept for a project like this. And I love using faux succulents. I can't keep plants alive.

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