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How to Make Tin Can Planters

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Learning how to make tin can planters is perfect for repurposing tin cans. So, I collected cans for crafting and decided to make some tin planters. 

white Tin can with a bee design and filled with flowers

Tin Planter

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 DIY Tin Can Planters

These planters are so easy, fast, and inexpensive that you want to make them for gifts and decorating. 

Supplies to Make Tin Can Planters

After gathering your supplies, you are ready to create a one-of-a-kind tin can planter.

*** I highly recommend you watch the how-to video before you begin. 



planter supplies on a craft mat

Tin flower pot Supplies

Step-by-Step Directions for Recycling Tin Cans – Planters

Step 1. Prepare Cans:

Before making your planter, give your cans a good scrub and allow them to dry.

Remove the label and glue. I used a heat tool to melt the glue.


Using a heat tool to melt the glue under the lable

Heat label glue

Next, I removed the bottom of the can with a can opener that leaves a non-sharp edge. 

Using a can opener to remove the bottom of the can

Remove can bottom


Step 2. Smashing Cans

Then I figure out where my sides will be before smashing the can.


Finding the sides before smashing

Sides of the tin pot

Next, I slowly start bending the can but not crushing the sides.

Using my hands to begin smashing my can

Forming the can

To close off the bottom of the can, I place my can on a piece of wood. Then I use a hammer and start hammering the bottom edge closed. 

I turn it over and repeat the process. 

Using a hammer on a piece of wood to smash the bottom of the planter

Smash the bottom

Step 3. Punch Holes

To make the holes for the handle, I use a metal hole punch.

Making holes with a metal hole punch

Punch handle holes

Step 4. Painting and Transfer

Next, I paint the can and allow it to dry.

Paint the smashed can white

Paint the can

Then I position my transfer in the center front.

Centering the transfer on the front of planter

Center the transfer

Next, I started rubbing the transfer using the wooden tool provided with the transfer.

Rubbing transfer on the front with the wooden tool provided with the transfer

Rub on the transfer

Please enjoy this YouTube video, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Step 5. Filling and Adding a Handle 

Then I fill the tin planter with craft foam.

Note: If you are planting real flowers, line your can with weed block or burlap to hold your soil. Then will with potting mix and your flowers or seeds. There will be small gaps or holes in the bottom for drainage.

Adding craft foam to the planter

Fill the planter with craft foam.

You can add painted wood beads or use plain wire for the handle. 

Place the wire through the holes to form a hanger or handle.


Inserting the wire handle through the holes

Adding handle

I like to add a simple ribbon or lace bow to the handle.

ribbon bow

ribbon bow

Next, I fill the basket with faux flowers using craft foam to hold the flowers in place.

Filling the planter with faux flowers using the foam to hold them in place

Add flowers

Step 6. Rub on Gold 

Lastly, I rub on some gold gilding wax to the top and bottom rims of the can. 

Rubbing on gold gilding wax with my fingers to the top and bottom of the can rims

Rub on Gold Wax


Closeup view of finished planter on a wood table

Bee tin planter

More Tin Can Plater Options

You can decoupage a gorgeous napkin on your planter for another unique look. See how to decoupage in this earlier post.

You can watch the how-to video for this planter in this planter how-to video.

Christmas smashed can gnome napkin decoupage

Christmas smashed can

Decoupaged tin can planter filled with lavender on a wood table

Decoupaged Lavender Tin Can Planters

You might like this fun bicycle decoupaged napkin basket with flowers, lace, and a sweet bird. You can watch the how-to video for complete instructions.

Side view of the planter with a wire handle leaving on a wood slice

side view


Front view of napkin decoupage can with flowers and a bird on wood table

Napkin decoupage can with bird


Planter filled with flower and a bird with a lace tie laying on a wood table

Planter on table


More Inspiration You Might Enjoy:

DIY easy transfers.

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Want More Craft Ideas?

Please join me (with this form) as we craft up some fun. You can look forward to receiving new inspiration every week. 

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Hot Ride

Tuesday 23rd of April 2024

Great tip! It's essential to start with clean, dry cans for your planter project. Removing the labels and glue can be a bit tricky, but using a heat tool to melt the glue is a clever solution. Thanks for sharing this helpful prep step! Mobile Car Detailing In Bankstown


Monday 4th of December 2023

Neat idea!!! Thanks for the great directions!!!!! šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘


Wednesday 18th of October 2023

I want to turn these into Christmas tree ornaments.


Thursday 4th of May 2023

This is a BRILLIANT upcycle, Kippi!! Iā€™d love for you to join us over at the Team Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday Followed and Pinned! Creatively, Beth


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Very very cute Kippi. I love the addition of the wood beads to the hanger on the bumble bee tin can planter.

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