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Sweater Stocking

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Sweaters are warm and cozy, and they make the perfect up-cycle knit sweater Christmas stocking. A few years ago, I purchased a ton of used sweaters from the thrift store to make sweater pumpkins, but I only used a few, so I used some sweaters for no-knit Christmas stockings.

You can see my daughter’s romantic Christmas bedroom with this adorable sweater stocking

DIY sweater stocking with a pom pom and tag on a wood table

Sweater stocking

DIY sweater Christmas stocking hung on the wall

DIY Christmas stocking

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How to Make a Sweater Christmas Stocking

You can make a sweater Christmas stocking without knitting since you can use old sweaters to make them. I used my stocking pattern from an earlier post to cut them out of my sweater. 

Stocking Supplies

  • Sweater
  • Fusible interlining
  • Stocking Pattern
  • Waters soluble maker
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors 
  • Thread
  • Quilt ruler
  • Iron (I used this mini iron)
  • Pressing mat
  • Fuse tape

After I gathered my sewing supplies, I began making my stocking.

Step One: Cutting out the Stocking

To cut out the stocking, I aligned the stocking pattern’s top edge with the sweater’s bottom edge, pinned it in place, and cut out the sides and bottom of the stocking.

Paper stocking pattern placed on the sweater along the ribbing

Pattern Placement

Note: Since this stocking will not have a sewn-in lining or cuff, do not leave open the area to turn. 


Step Two: Interfacing

I decided to use fusible interfacing to give the stocking some shape and prevent it from stretching out of shape. However, if you want a relaxed stocking, you can omit this step.

Using the stocking pieces, I cut out two pieces of fusible interfacing.

Note: Fold your interfacing in half before cutting it out. 

Place your stocking sweater piece over the stocking pattern and mark with a pencil where the ribbing starts.

Using the ribbing mark, cut out the interfacing from the fold interfacing fabric to be a little shorter than the rib marks. Next, trim 3/8 inch off the sides and bottom of the interfacing. 

Fusible interfacing placed over the cut out sweater stockings

Stocking interfacing

Follow the manufacturers’ directions for fusing the interfacing to the insides of the sweater pieces.

I used my mini steam iron and a pressing mat.

Step Four: Lining

Stocking pieces, lining fabric, pins, scissors on a cutting mat

lining supplies

To cut out the lining, I used the sweater piece as my guide. Next, I placed the sweater piece on the folded lining fabric, pinned it in place. Then using a fabric marker, I marked 1/2 inch above the interfacing on my lining fabric.

Stocking pinned to the lining, marking the 1/2 inch seam allowance for the lining upper edge

Marking the lining

Next, I cut out the lining. 

Cutting out the lining using my marks and the sweater piece as a cutting guide

Cutting out the lining

Using a quilting ruler and the markings I made earlier as a guide, I drew the cutting line for the top of the lining. 

Using a quilt ruler and my marks as guide I mark the cut line for the lining

Marking the Lining upper edge

To form a 1/4 inch hem on the top edge of the stocking, I turned down 1/2″ and pressed it flat. Next, I turned under 1/4″ to form a rolled hem and pressed it flat.

Ironing the hem for upper edge of the lining

Lining hem


Step Three: Sewing 

Pin and stitch around the top hem of the lining. 

Sewing the top edge hem in the lining

Sewing lining hem 

Iron fuse tape over the inside of the lining hem, leaving a small gap at the top.   

Ironing on the fusible tape to the inside of the lining hem

Iron on fuse tape

Pin the lining pieces together, then stitch the sides and bottom together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. 

Stitch the remaining sides of the lining

Stitch the lining

Clipping the curves in the seam allowance of the stocking

Clip lining curves

Removing the paper side of the fuse tape from the lining hem

Remove fuse tape paper

Sweater Stocking Sewing

Pin the sweater pieces together with the right sides facing. 

Sweater stocking pieces pinned together with right sides facing

Pinned stocking pieces

Sew a 1/2″ seam around the sides and bottom of the sweater stocking. 

Stitching together the sweater pieces with the right sides facing

Stitch the sweater pieces together

Then to finish the seam, I used a serger to lock the cut edge. However, you can use a zig-zag stitch around the edge.

Next, I made relief cuts around the curves, being careful not to cut through the stitches. 

Clipping the curves of the sewn sweater stocking pieces

Clip curves

Step Five: Attaching the Lining

Turn stocking right side out and place the lining into the stocking with wrong sides facing.  

Placing the lining inside the sweater pieces

insert the lining into the sweater stocking

Next, align the side seams with the lining hem placed over the interfacing. 

Matching seams of the lining with seams of the sweater pieces

Matching seams

Note: You can use glass head pins to hold the lining in place while you iron the fusible glue strip. 

Attach the lining to the interfacing

Attach lining

Next, I used a mini iron to adhere to the lining. 

Ironing the fuse tape of the lining to the top of the interfacing

Iron lining in place



Step Six: DIY Sweater Stocking Hanger

When I make stockings, I usually use the stocking fabric to fashion a hanger. However, that was not an option using a sweater. Therefore I used a piece of ribbon with a pom pom and tag as my stocking hanger.  

Ribbon Stocking hanger with a pom pom and tag

Stocking hanger

Bedroom with pink and gold Christmas decorations and pretty tree

Christmas room decor

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