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Daybed Makeover

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Daybed Makeover:

You will not believe where this daybed makeover began, but it really just keep getting better.

My client wanted something new and updated in her husband’s office, but she wanted to keep the daybed since her granddaughters slept there when visiting. I had my work cut out for me, since she wanted something for young ladies in her husband’s office, so not too girly or too masculine. I brought fabric samples books and the client selected fabrics. Now to design bedding, window treatment and a few fancy pillows for the girls.  Please note in the photo below the blinds. I am not a fan of blinds so the window treatments became part of the makeover too.

Before Daybed Makeover, pillows, valance, shutters

Before Daybed Makeover

First on the to do list was he daybed frame, since it needed to be painted.  Next step was to create everything from my designs. The window treatment was tough since not too girly and not too masculine. I made a mock-up sample of these stagecoach valances for my client to see before making the real ones. She loved them since they used the fabrics she selected and the tie was constructed from the bedding fabric. However, as you can see in the photo below she still had those blinds, but not for long.

During the Daybed Makeover, valance, and frame painted

During the Daybed Makeover

Valance Installed, frame painted, more to come...

Valance Installed


Now checkout how they look with new shutters, so do you see how these shutters really made the valance pop?

Valance installed and new shutters, bedding, pillows and more to see in this daybed makeover

Valance installed and new shutters

Valance and shutters, bedding, pillows and more

Valance and shutters

Closer look at the valance and shutters, bedding, pillows and more

Closer look at the valance and shutters


Next step is my favorite step and that is adding the fun decor, such as, pillows. I was given the go ahead to make whatever pillows I felt would look pretty with the daybed makeover and window treatments.

Daybed Makeover Completed with pillows, shutters, valance

Daybed Makeover Completed with pillows

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Silk Round and Envelope Pillows, bedding, valance, shutters

Silk Round and Envelope Pillows

Beautiful custom pillows, bedding, pillows, valance

Beautiful custom pillows

Pillow grouping, bedding, valances, shutters and more

Pillow grouping

Pillow grouping, valances, shutters and bedding

Pillow grouping

Closeup of neckroll, pillows, bedding, valances, shutters

Closeup of neck-roll

Added a tassel tie to the orange pillow, valances, shutters, bedding

Added a tassel tie to the orange pillow

Cover button pillow, valances, bedding

Cover button pillow

Pillows, bedding, valances


Daybed Makeover completed, valances, shutters, bedding

Daybed Makeover completed

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