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Easy DIY Rope Bells Tutorial

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Creating DIY rope bells only takes a few minutes, and the supplies are budget-friendly. Therefore, I cannot stop making them. I think you will enjoy creating them, too.

Every Christmas, I like to use items we have created in the past and add a few new items.

Three DIY rope bells hanging
DIY Rope bells

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This year, we have added bells to our decor, such as our stairway.

I saw some handmade bells on Pinterest, so I thought I would try my hand at making some.

Crafting supplies on a craft mat

Rope Bell Supplies

  • Paper cup
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Finger protectors
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Jingle bell
  • Greenery
  • Ribbon
  • Berries

How to Make Rope Bells

Preparing the Cup

cutting the edge off a paper cup with scissors
Trim cup

Prepare the cup by trimming a little of the bottom edge, being careful not to remove too much.

Removing part of the crimped edge will make a prettier bell.

Next, poke a hole in the center bottom of the cup for the cord hanger.

poking a hole in the paper cup with needle nose pilers
Poking a hole


pulling the jingle bell twine through the hanger loop knot
hanger knot

To create a hanger, you will want to form a long loop of twine or cord. Therefore, cut your hanger cord to double your final length plus 5 inches for a knot.

Next, cut 10 inches of twine for the jingle bell.

Pull the hanger cord through the hole in the cup and start to tie a knot, but before you tighten it, pull the jingle bell twine into the knot. Next, form a tight knot.


holding down the rope with finger protectors
Rope starting point

Start covering the paper cup with rope where the hanger loop comes through the bottom of the cup (now the top of the bell). Place a dot of hot glue around the hanger cord loop while holding the hanger loop up and in position.

Once the glue is set, you can begin gluing on the rope in a spiraling design. You can use your fingers covered with protectors to it hold in position until the glue is set.

After the first two or three spiral rows of rope, you will no longer need to hold it in place.

Adding rope in a swirling pattern and gluing as I work
Adding rope

When you reach the trimmed edges, continue adding rope over the side of the cup down to the uncut edge.

gluing the rope down the side of the paper cup

Try to cover some of the cup’s rolled edges with rope to hide the cup.

Cut the rope at an angle and glue it to the edge of the cup, holding it in place with protected fingers until it is set.

Jingle Bell

Pull the jingle bell twine out of the cup and tie a jingle bell to the twine just long enough that it is visible when the bell is hung. Glue the extra twine back up onto itself using your protected fingers to hold it in place until it is set.

Attaching the jingle bell to the twine inside of the cup

Decorating the Bell

My favorite part of this craft is decorating the bell. I used a Christmas floral pick by removing the greenery and berries and gluing them to the bell. Then I added a ribbon bow.

Making a ribbon bow

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Merry Christmas,


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Wednesday 13th of December 2023

Please show how to make bells from tin cans.

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