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Gnome Applique Pillows

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These adorable gnome applique pillows are easy to make. They can be used all year round but are especially cute during the holidays. I used the linen fabric we carry as the pillow cover in our shop.

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Gnome applique pillows

Gnome applique pillows

How to Make a Gnome Pillow

When I finished making the patterns for the felt Gnome Christmas ornaments, I loved them so much that I designed pillow appliques for my winter decor.

After making the pillow applique patterns, I printed them out and traced each piece on Wonder Under. See the complete instruction in this earlier post.

Pillow Supplies

  • Pillow fabric or ready-made pillow cover
  • Felt
  • Wonder Under 
  • Invisible zipper
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Water-soluble 
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pillow form
  • Pop pom maker
  • Yarn
Gnome pillow, updated familyroom

Gnome pillow

Applique Pillow Step-by-Step

I got so excited about the applique that I forgot to cut out the pillow pieces until now. So after cutting out four pillow squares for a 14″ by 14″ pillow, I serged them to prevent fraying.

Finishing the cut edges of pillow with a serger

Finishing the cut edges of pillow with a serger

Mark the centers so you can line everything up while sewing; for this reason, I used a water-solvable marker. My choice for zippers was invisible, and as you can see, I purchased it on the roll.

Gnome pillows marking for zippers

Gnome pillows marking for zippers

Attaching the Applique

Attaching the applique was the best part since it takes minutes using an iron and Wonder Under.

See full instructions using my method of transferring images onto Wonder Under and attaching the applique to the pillow pieces in this earlier post

 After blanket stitching (learn how) around almost every piece of the applique with embroidery floss in the matching color, I realized my girl gnome needed her pigtails. 

So I cut nine pieces of yarn (hair) about 11″ long. You will need to braid three pieces of yarn at a time in each section.

After you have finished braiding the yarn place, the red yarn ties at either end of the braid about 1.75″ from the end, then cut the braid in half to form 2 braided pigtails while making sure not to allow it to un-braid. I used a little tape to hold the cut ends.

Wonder Under with felt, floss, needles and scissors

Wonder Under with felt, floss, needles, and scissors

Mrs. Gnome applique finished now to sew up the pillow cover

Mrs. Gnome applique 

Mr. Gnome was a wee bit faster to finish.

DIY gnome ready for pillow

DIY gnome ready for a pillow


Mark in 1.5″ on both ends of the bottoms of the linen pillow halves.

Gnome pillow making tools

Gnome pillow making tools

You can see in the photos below my easy method for sewing in the inadvisable zippers:


Remove markings with water

Spray water on the marking, and like magic, they disappear.

Gnome Applique Pillows

Gnome Applique Pillows

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome is so cute, but something seems missing.

Applique Embellishment

After finishing the pillow, I felt like they needed something. Then I remembered how cute my gnome from an earlier post looked when I attached the pom pom to his hat. Read about that in an earlier post.

Gnome pillows ready for hat pom pom

Gnome pillows ready for hat pom pom

I made my pom-poms since they are too expensive to purchase ready-made.

Here are a few items I have gathered you might need to make your adorable gnome pillows too:


Gnome pillows on the one-board-bench

Gnome pillows on the one-board-bench

These cute gnome pillows are sitting on our famous one-board-bench.  See how to make one of them in an earlier post.

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome Applique Pillows

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome Applique Pillows

The gnome pillows are going to be part of my winter decor. I will pair these gnome pillows with some other winter pillows and throws I plan to make. I like to celebrate each season, and sometimes winter gets lost in the holiday rush.

More DIY Gnomes ideas:

Super easy Nordic Gnomes only take minutes to make. No-sew pattern included too.

Gnome Decor, easy and fun gnome making

Nordic Gnome Decor DIY

These Old World Nordic felt ornaments are perfect for Christmas. The easy-to-follow instructions and free patterns are included in the post.

DIY Nordic felt Christmas ornaments

DIY Nordic felt Christmas ornaments


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