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Handmade Paper Tags

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Handmade paper tags are the easiest way to add a contents label to baskets and more. I use them for organizing our closets.

Paper tag attached to basket


The first step to making tags is selecting your paper.

Cutting craft paper with a ruler and craft knife

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Tag Supplies

Next, gather your supplies and tools.

marking the cut line on craft paper

Paper Tag Punch

To make tags, you need to cut your paper strips to the desired width and length.

Then place your paper strip into the center tag punch and press the punch down to cut and stamp the tag.

Note: I like to cut my strips of paper longer than needed. So that I can trim it to the desired length after it is punched.

Using a tag punch to finish the end of the strip of paper

Next, trim the tag using a ruler, craft knife, or paper cutter.

Trimming the length of the tag with a ruler and craft knife

To create a smaller top tag, you will need to cut your paper strip into one of the smaller sizes your tag punch uses.

Punching the smaller tag with a tap punch

Then attach the top tag using adhesive.

Note: I used adhesive paper.

Attaching the small tag onto the large tag

Add Eyelet

I used a Crop a Dile and a metal eyelet that I placed through the hole made by the tag punch to attach an eyelet.

Adding an eyelet to the hole in the tag

Stamping Paper Tag

To add personalization to tags, I like to use stamps and ink.

Stamping the tap with letter stamps and ink

Next, you can add a string, fabric scraps, twine, or tie to attach the tag to your basket, bin, gift, etc.

Adding twine using a bead treader through the tags eyelet

Attach Tie

You can use a bead threader to thread the tie through the basket weave. Hang tags on all your baskets and bins for easy organization.

Attaching the tag to a basket with a bead threader

Tie Tags to Baskets

Next, knot the twine and trim the ends

Tag attached to a basket
Handmade paper tag
Organization storage baskets with tags
Organization storage baskets

See you soon,


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Nicholas Riggs

Monday 15th of May 2023

I adore what you produce and distribute. I'm ecstatic to follow you. woodoku


Thursday 16th of March 2023

I love everything that you make and share. So happy to follow you.


Friday 24th of February 2023

The punch is fantastic Kippi, as is using stamps. I am always hopefully labelling something helps others know where stuff is "suppose" to live. They are pretty as well.


Monday 27th of February 2023

@Leanna, I am hoping things are easy to find and put away. The put-away part, only time will tell.

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