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Fireplace Cleaning Tutorial

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Fireplace cleaning is easy with these simple tips and tricks. Regular cleaning keeps your fireplace looking and working at its best.

*Please note that cleaning your fireplace is an excellent idea before you paint.

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You might want to get a chimney inspection; read more about it at the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

How to Clean a Fireplace

Cleaning a wood-burning fireplace can only be done when it has cooled completely.

before and after photos of a brick fireplace
Fireplace cleaning before and after

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Prepare for Cleaning

The first step to cleaning a wood-burning fireplace is to remove the andirons or wood grate (rack).

Use a bucket to place any pieces of wood in it. Then sweep out any ash and debris with a whisk, broom, and dustpan. Next, use a vacuum and vacuum the face of the fireplace, then vacuum the inside of the firebox.

cleaning the firebox of a fireplace with a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning the Fireplace Firebox

Fireplace Cleaning Supplies

Fireplace Cleaning Supplies sitting in the firebox
Cleaning Supplies

How to Clean a Fireplace Step by Step

Before you begin, read the cleaning solution’s directions.

We used a non-toxic cleaning gel which is perfect for indoor use.

The first step is to wipe down the dirty bricks with a sponge and water.

Next, apply the fireplace cleaning gel and scrub with the brush provided. This cleaner will remove soot, ash, creosote, and carbon deposits. However, you may need to repeat these steps for stubborn stains.

Appling the Fireplace Gel cleaner to the scrub brush
Cleaning Gel

You will want to use old towels and rags to sop up excess water.

cleaning the soot off the firebox walls with a scrub brush
Cleaning a wood-burning fireplace

Use the scrub brush provided with the cleaner. However, use a stiff bristle brush if you did not receive a scrub brush.

cleaning the firebox with a sponge

To rinse the fireplace, you will want to place a drop cloth or old towels in the firebox and spray clean water on the cleaned bricks.

Fireplace Door Cleaning

You can use the same product and techniques to clean your fireplace door, but substitute the scrub brush for a rag to prevent scratching the glass door.

Painting the Wood Grate

Note: this cleaning product can be used for gas fireplaces as well.

You can use a garden hose to rinse it off. Also, you can paint it with fire-proof paint.

Wood grate and spray paint can on a piece of card board in the yard
wood grate
spray painting the wood grate with high heat spray paint
Painting the wood grate

The brick was easy to clean, and if you do it regularly, your fireplace will look great for years.

Brick Fireplace after it has been cleaned
Cleaned brick

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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