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How to Make Candles

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Candles add a warm glow that makes your home feel cozier. It is easy to make candles at home. You can customize your candles to suit your decor and fragrance preference. 

Soy candles make the perfect handmade gift for the holidays. You can find more gift ideas in this earlier post.

handmade peppermint candle with a gift tag and baker's twine on a wood table

Handmade Candle

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How to Make Candles at Home

By making your candles, you can control the quality and type of ingredients in your candles. In other words, you can use high-quality soy wax and essential oils. 

You can choose the size and type of vessel for your candles. 

Candle Supplies


Soy candle making supplies and garnishes on a table outside

Candle making supplies

I wanted to make a variety of candles. I like to use a garnish or decoration on the top of the wax, so I know what fragrance they are. 


Jar for homemade candle and dried oranges slices for garnish on a table outside

Candle jar

I used a vintage-style Ball jar to look perfect with my antique jar collection.

Antique jars and vintage Santa mugs on a shelf with candy canes

Vintage Santas and jars

Measuring and Heating the Wax

I use two times the amount of wax my vessel will hold to measure the wax.

Filling my jar with wax to measure the wax

Measuring the wax

Place your melting pot inside a double boiler or a saucepan with a few inches of water over medium heat. 

Next, pour the wax into the melting pot.

Add wax to the melting pot in a double boiler

Pour the wax into the melting pot

Gently stir the wax until melted. 

Gently Stir wax in melting pot as it melts

Stir and melt the wax


Melting Wax

Continue to heat the wax until it reaches a temperature of 180 degrees F.

Heating the wax in a double boiler

Heating wax

After the wax reaches 180 F, carefully remove the melting pot from the double boiler and place it on a trivet to cool to 130 degrees F.

Allowing the was to cool down before adding the essential oil

Cooling wax

Add Fragrance 

Next, add essential oils (fragrance) to the wax.

Note: I add one tablespoon of essential oil for an 8-ounce container. Then gently stir (to avoid bubbles) for two minutes. 



Adding essential oil to cooling melted wax

Add essential oil

Attach Wick

Apply a wick sticker to the bottom of your wick, then place the wick in the bottom of your vessel. 

Attaching the wick to the bottom of the far

Attach wick

Wax Pouring 

Be careful pouring the hot wax into your jar or vessel. Fill the jar up to 1/2 to 1/4 inch from the top of the jar or container. 

Pouring wax into jar with wick on a table

Fill jar

Then add a wick holder to keep your wick in place while cool on a level surface for 24 hours.

Use a wick holder to keep the wick in position

Wick holder

If you plan to add a garnish or decoration to the top of your candle, then you will need to observe it until you see it turn opaque then with tweezers gently place your garnish on the wax.

Trim Wick

Trim the wick to size.

Note: since I wanted to put the lid on my jars for gift-giving, I had to trim the wick below the top of the pot. 

Trim the wick with wire cutters

Trim wick

Gift Giving and Printable Tag

Candles make an inexpensive gift everyone will enjoy. Add an adorable tag with baker’s twine and your gift is ready.

Hand-crafted peppermint candle with gift tag and lid

Peppermint jar candle gift

I used a Xacto knife and ruler to cut my tags, however, you can use scissors or a paper cutter

You can use the printable tags for all your gifts. 


Gift candle with printable tags on a table

Gift Candle and tags 

More Candle Ideas You Might Enjoy:

Christmas candle holders made with re-cycle jars.

Christmas Candle holders sitting on wood slices on the table

DIY Christmas Candle Holders

More Handmade Gift Ideas:

These gorgeous handmade made candle holders would make a lovely gift.

Handmade candle holders with salt dough stars displayed with wooden trees and fairy lights

Handmade candle holders

Everyone enjoys personalized gifts and my friend Janet shares how to personalize gifts with glass etching

Personalized glass baking dish with glass etching

Personalized baking pan

Handmade Christmas ornaments are always appreciated. Make some rustic vintage-inspired ornaments for gifts. 

Rustic wood slices vintage-style handmade ornaments with snowflake ornaments on a wood table

Handmade Rustic Ornaments


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Thank you for your visit today. I hope you found some sweet inspiration. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Merry Christmas,

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Sunday 19th of December 2021

Great looking candle. Nice gift idea.


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

I would love to receive these!

Kristin salazar

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

These are So cute and I bet they smell so good! Merry Christmas!

Brittis Maria

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

Great minds think alike I just made lavender candles .. your are adorable


Tuesday 14th of December 2021


This tutorial is perfect timing for me. I am pinning it for my craft party this weekend!

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