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Blue Christmas Ornaments

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I love to create unique decorations for Christmas, and since I had a ton of wood beads and bells, I decided to create blue Christmas ornaments using them.

Most of my tree ornaments are traditional colors, so I decided to break from tradition and make some DIY ornaments in pretty shades of blue to make my ribbons. My new color scheme of blue and silver is perfect for cozy winter wonderland tree ornaments.

I can just imagine how these ornaments will look in a white Christmas tree. 


Blue and white wooden bead ornament with a blue and white check bow on a table

Blue Christmas Ornaments

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How to Make Blue Christmas Ornaments

My inspiration for these DIY blue Christmas ornaments was this blue gingham ribbon. Last year I decorated a tree with red and white gingham ribbons and decorations, but this year I wanted to break from my traditional Christmas decorating style. 

Blue Christmas Ornaments DIY Supplies

Note: I highly recommend watching my how-to-make wood bead ornaments video before you begin. 


blue and white baker's twine, white paint, wood beads, paintbrush, toothpicks and blue check ribbon on a table (crating supplies)

Ornament supplies

First Step: Paint Wood Beads

To begin making these tree ornaments, I paint the wood beads to match my ribbon. 

The paint I used was easy to find acrylic paint. However, the blue in the ribbon was impossible to match to any color, so I mixed cobalt blue with a little dark gray to achieve the “match.”

The easiest way to paint the wood beads is to skewer them on toothpicks. 

Note: You can omit this step if you use unpainted natural beads for these wood bead ornaments.

Painting the wood beads on toothpicks with white paint

Paint wood beads

Paint Dots

After my blue painted wood beads were dry, I painted the white dots using the end of my paintbrush. 

Painting the white dots on the blue painted wood beads

Dot painting

To dry my painted beads, I used a cardboard shipping box. The corrugated structure is perfect for holding the toothpicks. 

Painted wood beads on toothpicks drying on a cardboard box

Wood beads drying

Second Step: Treading Beads 

After all the painted beads are dry, I remove them from the box and place them on a paper plate to keep them from rolling off my work surface. Trust me; I learned this the hard way.

Dry wood beads on a paper plate with toothpicks in them

Dried wood beads

I use the threading tool made with floral wire to thread all my wood bead projects.

 To make a threading tool, cut the wire, then fold it in half, and twist it together, leaving a loop at the folded end. 

Handmade wire threader tool placed through the hole in the bead

DIY wire threading tool

Before threading the beads, I  double-check that I have all the beads on my paper plate since it is difficult to change the bead arrangement after they are threaded. Therefore I arrange the beads on my plate before threading them. 

All the beads are threaded onto the handmade wire threading tool with blue and white baker's twine

Threading the baker’s twine

Thread the baker’s twine through the wire loop, then pull the baker’s twine through the beads.

Pulling the twine through all the beads with wire tool

Thread beads onto baker’s twine

Add Jingle Bells to Blue and White Beads

After adding the jingle bell, pull the baker’s twine back through the wood beads by pushing the empty wire threading tool from the top of the ornament to the bottom. 

Next, thread the baker’s twine through the wire loop and pull it back through the beads to the top of the ornament. 


Added the jingle bell to the bottom of the beads with the threading tool

Add jingle bell

Cut off the baker’s twine longer than needed. 

Beads and bell threaded with blue and white baker's twine on a table

Threaded beads and bell

Next, I make a double knot to secure the beads and bell in place.

beads and bell threaded with baker's twine that is double knotted on a table

Tie off baker’s twine

Third Step: Make Gingham Ribbon Bow

Add a simple one-loop ribbon bow to the ornament using the baker’s twine ties. 


Making a simple loop bow with blue and white check ribbon

Blue gingham bow

Then make a double knot and a hanging loop with the baker’s twine.

Tie the simple gingham ribbon bow to the ornament with the baker's twine

Tie the bow with baker’s twine

Next, trim the twine and the cut ends of the ribbons. 

I like to cut the ribbons at an angle.

Trimming the ribbon at an angle with sharp scissors

Trim ribbon ends

Finishing DIY Blue Christmas Ornaments

To protect the cut ends of the ribbons and baker’s twine I apply a thin bead of Fray Check to the cut edges on a paper plate. 

Add fray check to the cut ends of the ribbon bow on a paper plate

Add fray check

These handmade ornaments make a thoughtful budget-friendly gift. I like to give them as an ornament set.

They are also a gorgeous gift box topper (see how I wrap a gift like a pro in this earlier post). 

More Blue Christmas Decor Ideas:

These cozy DIY sweater ornaments have the same blue and white baker’s twine as the blue and white beaded ornaments.

White sweater embroidery hoop ornaments sitting on a wood table

Sweater DIY Ornaments

You could also paint some blue and white Chinoiserie ornaments. Learn how with these easy step-by-step directions at Simple Nature Decor.

hand painted glass Christmas bulb ornament

Paint painted glass ornaments


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Thank you for your visit today. I hope you found some sweet inspiration.

Merry Christmas, 





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Marie B.

Friday 17th of December 2021

These beaded ornaments are so pretty, Kippi!

Thursday 16th of December 2021

Great project. Nice elements.

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