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Modern Moroccan Tile Stencil Design

Have you seen the pretty new tile designs? I have been swooning over all the new Moroccan tile, so why not make my own Moroccan Faux Tile Stencil Design. During our bathroom makeover, I wanted to update I wanted replace the tile with modern Moroccan tile, however, replacing the tile is not in the budget. The next best thing is to DIY some faux Moroccan Tile Stencil Design.

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Faux tile art, easy DIY SVG files

Faux tile art

Planning the Cricut design

My daughter, Olivia, is the Cricut Maker Master, so I shared my “tile” design idea with her and she went to work to create my “tile” with her Cricut Maker. I wanted the design and the frame to measure 16″ by 16″ so it was no wider than the shelf. It was up to her to make it either black and white or gray and white. She chose dark gray and white and I adore it!

Supplies for faux tile design, Moroccan styled art Cricut Maker

Easy DIY Cricut faux tile design

First Step:

  • Gathering supplies (Paint, vinyl, plywood, paintbrush, Cricut Maker, transfer tape
  • Cutting the plywood
  • Painting the plywood
  • Creating the faux tile file
  • Cutting the vinyl

Second Step:

  • Transferring the vinyl design onto the painted plywood
  • Using the roller to ensure a smooth adhesion
Transferring vinyl, faux tile art

Transferring vinyl

"Tile" number two, easy faux Moroccan style deisgn

“Tile” number two

"Tile" number three,easy faux tile

Number three tile

"Tile" number four for the faux Moroccan tile

“Tile” number four

Third Step:

  • Make a wood frame
  • Install the frame
  • Hang over shelf
  • Enjoy!
Exotic wood frame, faux tile

Exotic wood frame

Custom wood frame for faux tile art

Custom wood frame

Faux Tile Install:

After adding the shelf with the black brackets this space needed something else.

Shelf before art and accessories

Shelf before art and accessories

I added the faux tile art.

Art installed, custom frame, Circut Maker

Art installed

Then I added some plants, towels, soap, and candles. The staghorn plant adds so much interest with the free-flowing grow, and it is growing out of a coconut.

Art, accessories and shelf, easy DIY faux tile art

Art, accessories, and shelf

Hand towels, and natural soap, faux tile art

Hand towels, and natural soap

You can find these hand towels at the Thrive Collective, however, they are no longer available, I found this similar one.

Faux Tile Stencil Art, Accessories, SVG Files, Easy DIY

Faux Tile Stencil Art, Accessories

Bathroom Hardware Dilemma Solved

Shower curtain hardware dilemma solved in my next bathroom makeover post. I ordered this groovy shower curtain and it needed to be altered to accommodate the custom hardware.

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You can see in the photo below what it looks like now. See how I updated the Modern Boho shower curtain HERE.

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