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Step by Step Hanging Baskets

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Summer is the best time of year to enjoy fun outdoor parties and relax in the garden with a good book. Hanging baskets add easy beautification without any digging or weeds. So why not add a few to your outdoor sanctuary? Follow my easy step-by-step instructions (grab your printable guide), and you will be delighted with the results.

Hanging planter basket, easy step by step how to, yard beautification

Hanging planter basket

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DIY Hanging Planter Baskets

My idea for the added hanging baskets happened when I finished the trellis, and I realized it needed more. See the photo below.

Garden Screen Trellis before lanterns, and hanging baskets. step by step guide

Garden Screen Trellis before lanterns and hanging baskets

As you can see, the flat garden trellis screen was missing something. I first designed and made two solar lanterns with leftover lumber and a solar light I cut down to size.

Garden Screen Trellis, FREE plans

Garden Screen Trellis

I love the look of the lanterns, but it was still missing something.

Trellis with hanging planters, easy step by step how to...

Trellis with hanging planters

When I added the curved hangers and half-moon-shaped hanging baskets, it broke up the harsh geometric lines with organic forms. Now I am in love with this look! See the full photoshoot and story HERE!

Handmade solar lanterns at night, easy to make, learn how...

Handmade solar lanterns at night

Hanging Baskets Shopping List

Plants for hanging baskets, easy yard makeover

Plants for hanging baskets

Gather tools

Note: Please grab your Ultimate Step by Step Hanging Basket Guide with the form HERE.

My makeshift portable potting table is my favorite way to the garden since it makes it so easy to move my gardening items to the area where I am working.

Supplies and tools:

Please check out my Garden Shop HERE for more of my favorite gardening must-haves.

Makeshift portable potting table

Makeshift portable potting table

Step by Step Hanging Baskets

  1. Purchase or gather plants, soil, tools, planter baskets, hooks, watering devices, seeds (see the above lists)
  2. Setup your makeshift potting bench (or use a real one)
  3. I place the basket on the top of the “table” and start by adding the plastic drip tray then I add the tall plants in the center with a little soil
  4. Then I add the flowering plants to add a little more soil to hold in place
  5. Next, I add the plants that will spill over the edge of the basket
  6. Fill in any areas that need more soil
  7. I like to add some seeds too
  8. Last I add a watering device
  9. Hang and enjoy
  10. Tip: water often!

Wall Baskets

Wall baskets are another form of a flower basket, but they can be a challenge to fill since they tend to fall over while filling them. So I use individual flower pots to manage them. Placing them on my portable potting table (wheelbarrow) using the potting soil bags helps keep it upright, so it is easy-peasy to fill them.

Filling a flowering wall basket, using small flower pots to make the job a breeze, learn all the tips and tricks on the blog

Filling a flowering wall basket


Wall Hanging Basket, easy to fill, step by step guide...

Wall Hanging Basket

Wall basket, learn how to fill with ease and more...

Wall basket

I cannot wait until the flower seeds start to grow!

Naked Trellis

I built this trellis years ago and forgot about it, but I decided to add some hanging baskets this year. I cannot wait to see it finished!

Garden Trellis, adding hanging baskets, step by step guide

Garden Trellis

Makeshift potting table to the rescue, easy step by step hanging baskets

Makeshift potting table to the rescue

Instantly adds beauty hanging baskets, easy trellis hanging baskets step by step

Instantly adds beauty hanging baskets.

Curb Appeal

Adding a beautiful trellis, plantings, and hanging planter baskets gives your home instant curb appeal and makes your garden a sanctuary to be enjoyed by your family and visitors. Additionally, the yard and garden updates add value to your property value too. See how my view turned from boring to dreamy in a few easy steps.

Old trellis made new with hanging baskets, easy hanging basket to create now

Old trellis made new with hanging baskets.

Notice in the photo below the old trellis is given a new life with the hanging baskets. I selected the tall center plant because of its color and height.

Color and selecting plantings, plan your design, get your free guide...

Color and selecting plantings

Garden Basket Eye-Candy, add beauty and color to your outdoors with hanging baskets

Garden Basket Eye-Candy

Creeping Jenny spilling over the basket edge, hanging baskets

Creeping Jenny spilling over the basket edge

Dusty Miller adds color and texture, easy hanging planter baskets

Dusty Miller adds color and texture

Sweet Potato Vine, sunny hanging basket, easy how to guide

Sweet Potato Vine

Morning Glory and Moon Flower, beautiful hanging baskets to create now

Morning Glory and Moon Flower

You can see in the photo below the morning glory starting to climb the chain. I cannot wait to see it in a month. I will add a few more photos in a month to show the growth of the plantings.

Hanging basket on trellis, step by step guide, garden update

The hanging basket on the trellis

Night Time Trellis, featuring solar lanterns

Night Time Trellis

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Hanging Basket Step by Step Guide, grab your copy today

Hanging Basket Step by Step Guide

That was so much fun sharing my love of hanging baskets and now on with the tour.

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Do you enjoy a beautiful garden and yard? Please join me HERE for everything you will need to create a beautiful garden/yard one project at a time. 

See you soon




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Julie Briones

Monday 19th of April 2021

Your tutorial and photos for how to create hanging baskets for plants is so lovely! So happy to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About tomorrow! Pinned!


Tuesday 28th of April 2020

OK, now I know what my hanging baskets are missing.....a watering frog! What a brilliant idea. Mine always dry out so quickly, I'm going to have to get some of those!

Kim @Serving Up Southern

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Hi Kippi! I enjoyed reading this post, and your hanging baskets are so pretty! Also, your arbor is beautiful. I love how it serves as a trellis too! You are one of my features this week at Homestyle Gathering. I hope to see you back at the party. :) >>> Kim


Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Your trellis, added lights, and hanging baskets are totally awesome. Very pretty!


Monday 17th of June 2019

Amazing ideas. And it saves so much place.

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