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Planting Flowers Step by Step Guide

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Planting flowers in your garden will add to your yard’s beauty and your home’s curb appeal. 

Learn how to plant a flower garden for beginners.

Watering the flower garden

Watering the garden

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Planting Flowers Step-by-Step

What month is best to plant flowers? I use the Farmer’s Almanac to determine the best time to plant (after the last frost date), so I will know when to plant. 

If you are planting hanging flower baskets or window flower boxes, you will find more how-to instructions in these earlier posts. 

You might enjoy using a DIY obelisk for supporting tall flowers such as sunflowers.

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Supplies for Flower Planting


1. Prepare Your Garden Beds

Before you begin planting, you can prepare your garden. I will do this a month or so before the last threat of frost.

I remove leaves and weeds and turn the soil with a shovel to prepare. Next, I add some compost, perlite, or vermiculite for my in-ground beds and mix it into the ground. 

However, when I fill raised beds for the first time, I start with a raised bed, perlite, and compost. 


2. Choose Your Plants/Flowers

Before deciding which flowers to purchase or seeds to plant, I check the amount of sun and shade my garden bed receives. 

When visiting your local garden center be sure to ask about the type of plants that are easy to grow.

Then I check the growing label on the p0ts and seed packs for sun exposure guidelines. 

My rule of thumb is the right place for the right plant!

Look for healthy flower plants that are not too large. 

Note: I live in Florida and our growing season is long and hot so I like to use perennial flowers that grow year after year.

Then for added color, I incorporate some annual flowers.                                                                                                                                                  



Yellow daisies and pink geraniums in the garden

Flowers that thrive in Full sun


3. Remove Plants from Pots and Break Apart Roots

Remove the plants from their pot by holding the base of the plant and sliding it out.


Removing the plant from the pot outside in the garden

plant removed from the pot

Then, use your hands or a trowel to break apart the roots. 

Breaking apart the plant's roots with my hands

Breaking apart roots

Dig a hole with a trowel and plant at the recommended depth per the care instruction tag. 


Place plant in prepared hole

Plant in hole

Next, I firm the soil around the new plantings with my hands.

Cannas planted in a raised bed garden

Firm soil



4. Planting Flower Seeds

I like to use a dibbler to make a small hole to plant flower seeds. Before making the hole, I check the seed packet for planting instructions. 


Making a hole for seeds in the raised bed garden box

Make a seed hole


Plant seeds in prepared hole

plant seeds


5. Water Plants/Seeds

As soon I have my plants and seeds planted, I gently water them. After that, I water daily for one to two weeks depending on the weather. 

Note: Store the garden hoses I use a DIY garden hose holder with a floating deck.


Watering the new plantings and seeds

Water garden


6. Mulch Garden

If you don’t plant seeds, you can immediately spread mulch around your new plantings. However, you will need to wait until the seedlings emerge to mulch if you planted seeds.

Note: Keep your flower plant care tags for your garden journal. I like to keep notes about what grows well and what did not so I can improve my garden every year. 

Flower care tags on the wooden raised flower box

Flower care tags

Growing flowers can be very fulfilling and good exercise. 




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Want More Gardening Ideas?

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Saturday 23rd of March 2024

Beginning gardeners will benefit from the knowledge and experience of experienced gardeners. If you are just planning to plant a garden, our recommendations will help you choose the most suitable places for fruit and berry crops. At one time I found a lot of useful information on this topic here

Anita Holland

Tuesday 3rd of May 2022

You have a beautiful garden. This project is on my list of future projects. With my naughty dogs I think this is my only option.

Brittis Maria

Monday 2nd of May 2022

These are simple tips that come in handy!


Monday 2nd of May 2022

Great guide and I use the Farmer’s Almanac too, but just switch months around so it suitable for South Africa.

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Would be wonderful to be chosen. But enjoy your lives and info always.

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