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Valentine’s Wreath DIY

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Valentine’s Wreath DIY:

Our Valentine’s Wreath DIY was so much fun and easy to create.  Oh, the best part, you can watch me making it on video. This is a fun holiday with some hearts, roses, handmade signs, chocolate, cards and maybe some bubbly.  Not a ton of preparing and expense. Hang a few hearts from your chandelier, hang your heart banner on your mantel and put this beautiful wreath on your door. FINISHED!

Valentine's Wreath DIY, make a beautiful wreath, how to video included, handpainted sign, bow #valentine #blackandwhite #love #signs #kippiathome

Valentine’s Wreath DIY

A few years ago I made my Mother a Valentine’s wreath and I loved it some much, so this year I decided to make one for me. Check out my Mother’s beautiful Valentine’s wreath HERE.

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Beautiful Valentine's Wreath DIY, roses, bow, how to video #valentinewreath #love #signs #wreath #blackandwhite #kippiathome

Hand-painted Sign


Step One:

Gathering all need supplies

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Glue
  3. Print out the Love design
  4. Graphite trace paper
  5. Sharpie paint marker (black)
  6. Ball point pen
  7. Scissors
  8. Paint
  9. Wood (1/2″ plywood)
  10. Grapevine wreath
  11. Ribbon
  12. Roses (floral)
  13. Wire cutter
  14. Paint brush
  15. Floral wire

My favorite wreath hangers

Buffalo Check Bow, Valentine's Wreath DIY, How-to Make LOVE sign #signs #love #valentine #wreath #buffalocheck #bow #kippiathome

Buffalo Check Bow

Step Two:

Cut out the wood for your sign  3 3/4″ by 8″ and sand all edges to make it smooth. Then paint with white paint and allow to dry. Note: I used chalk paint and it dries fast. For the complete instructions on tracing and finishing your sign you can find those in this post about sign making HERE.

Buffalo Check Bow, Valentine's Wreath DIY, How-to Make LOVE sign #signs #love #valentine #wreath #buffalocheck #bow #kippiathome

Roses on Wreath

Step Three:

Watch the how-to video:

Step Four:

Now the fun part of making your bow and cutting your floral. Once you have that completed start to place these elements on the grapevine wreath. The video has the complete instructions for completing your beautiful Valentine’s Wreath DIY.

Buffalo Check Bow, Valentine's Wreath DIY, How-to Make LOVE sign #signs #love #valentine #wreath #buffalocheck #bow #kippiathome

Love Sign on Valentine’s Wreath

Step Five:

Hang on your front door to greet your family and guests with LOVE.

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Valentine’s Heart Banner


Valentine's Wreath for Mother DIY, Beautiful Roses, black and white bow, hand-painted sign, Learn how #valentine #love #roses #blackandwhite #ribbon #kippiathome

Valentine’s Wreath for Mother

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am almost ready for Valentine’s, but I would like to make a few more items, however, no pressure just fun. What are you crafting for Valentine’s? Please sure in the comments below.

Happy Crafting,



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