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How to Decoupage Terra Cotta Pots with Fabric

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Learn how easy it is to Decoupage terra cotta pots and get expert results in minutes.

Use your favorite fabrics and paints to create a one-of-a-kind flower pot.

If you would rather use paper to decorate your pot you can read how in this earlier post: Decoupage Step-by-Step.


painted flower pot with fabric flowers added. Sitting on a painted saucer with wood bead feet

Decoupage Terra Cotta Pot with Fabric

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How to Decoupage Terra Cotta Pots with Fabric

I guarantee you will love using paint and decoupage with fabric on your flower pots. It is the easiest way to get the results you want.

Terracotta Flower Pot Supplies 

The easiest way to Customize your terra cotta pots is with fabric and Mod Podge the easy way.


Painting Flower Pots

Before you begin this project I recommend you watch my how-to video.

If you are using new pots then you can start by removing any tags or stickers from the pots.

However, if you are using old used pots I recommend cleaning your pots with soap and water and a brush. Rinse off your pot and allow it to dry overnight before painting.

I painted both inside and outside of my pots and saucers using chalk finish paint. 


Painting a clay pot with black paint

Paint pots

Preparing the Decoupage Fabric

I choose to use just the flowers on the fabric instead of the entire piece of fabric. To use a motif from your fabric you will cut out the design you would like to use.

I used small curved scissors to help out away the extra fabric in hard-to-reach areas.

Fussing cutting around the fabric flowers with curved scissors

Trim around fabric flowers

Mod Podge Flower Pots

To attach the flower motifs to my painted pot I first applied Fabric Mod Podge directly to the pot in the area where I want to attach the first fabric flower. 

Applying Fabric Mod Podge on the painted pot with a brush

Apply Mod Podge



Then I placed the flower on the clay pot and pressed it in place with my fingers. I allowed this to dry for 15 minutes before attaching the next flower.

Placing a fabric flower over the wet Mod Podge and pressing it in place

Apply fabric flower

Once the Mod Podge was dry to touch I placed a piece of painter’s tape on the edge of the pot directly opposite the center of the first flower. 

Placed a piece of painter's tape on the opposite side of the pot for the flower placement

Mark the flower placement

That marks the placement of the next flower. I used two yellow flowers and two white flowers placed in an alternating fashion. Then I allow drying overnight.


Paint on a coat of Mod Podge as a sealer over the entire flower pot

Seal the Decoupage pot with Mod Podge

Next, I brushed a coat of the same Fabric Mod Podge over the outside of the pot as well as the inside the rim. 

Also, I applied the Mod Podge over the painted saucers so that everything would have the same finish.


Wood Beads {Feet}

Adding feet to my pots adds a whimsical vibe. 

Painting Feet

To paint the feet (wood beads) I placed one bead on a tooth and brushed on the yellow paint then placed it in the ridges of a box to dry.

After the yellow paint was dry I used the pointed end of small paint brushes to paint on white and black dots. 

Then I replaced the toothpicks with the painted beads on the box to dry.


Using toothpicks to hold wooden beads to paint polka dots

Paint polka dots

Gluing Feet

After the paint is dry I used outdoor glue to attach four beads to the bottom of the saucer. 

I placed the glue over the bead’s hole so that the holes would not be visible. 

Using glue to attach the painted wood beads to the bottom of the flower pot saucer

Attach wood bead feet

Mod Podge Sealer

I used Mod Podge spray-on sealer on both the top and bottom of the saucer and the inside and outside of the terracotta pot.


Spraying on Mod Podge sealer on the flower pot and saucer

Spray on Mod Podge Sealer


three painted and decoupage flower pots with wooden bead feet on a white table

Painted and fabric decoupage flower pots

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three fabric covered flower pots stacked

See you soon,


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