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How to Make Easy Necktie Angel Ornaments

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Creating a DIY necktie angel ornament is easy and fun.

These ornaments make thoughtful memory keepsakes.

Green necktie angel ornament
Necktie Angel

I love to upcycle items; making something pretty from a loved one’s used necktie is a bonus.

The holiday season is fast approaching, so let’s get creative. You might also enjoy making wood bead, felt, and gnome ornaments.

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Necktie Angel Supplies

Craft supplies for tie ornaments

Necktie Angel Ornament Step-by-Step

Step 1 Cutting the Necktie

Place your tie on your work surface with the right side facing down. Measure from the point at the widest area (the bottom of the tie) up to about 10.5″ and cut straight across the tie.

Step by Step photos of crafting a necktie angel
Crafting a necktie angel

Step 2 Turning Down the Necktie

Next, open the cut end of the tie and remove about one inch of the fabric in the middle (stiffener), being careful not to cut the outer fabric. Then, straighten the folded tie to a flat position.

Turn the cut corners into a point and glue them into place.

Necktie cut with corners folded over
Fold corners

Then, turn down the cut end point towards the back of the tie.

To secure glue around the bottom edge. Leave a space at the top to feed a piece of twine through.

creating a neck for the angel
Forming a neck

Step 3 Necktie Angel Head

To form the neck area, thread a piece of twine through the opening at the fold. Pull the twine tight to gather and knot, then cut off excess twine.

Next, apply hot glue to the top of the gathered area and set the ornament on the “neck.”.

Gluing the head onto the tie
Adding the head

Step 4 Necktie Angel Arms

The skinny half of the tie will become the arms. Find an area that is about the same width and cut it at least nine or more inches long.

Next, make a simple knot in the center of the armpiece. The knot will become the hands of the angel.

Position the hands on the center front of the angel. Wrap the arm ends around each shoulder and glue them into position.

Trim any excess arm fabric.

Steps for making the arms and hands
Arms and hands

Step 5 Angel Wings

Use ribbon to form the wings. A two-inch ribbon works best.

The wings can be one, two, or three ribbon loops on each side. Test the wings before adding a wire in the center to hold the wing loops; once you like the size and amount of loops, glue ribbon wings to the back of the tie.

Making and attaching the angel wings to the tie
Angel wings

Step 6 Necktie Angel Halo

Use a pipe cleaner to form a halo. Attach the halo to the ornament head with glue.

Then, make a bow around the angel’s neck using 1/4 inch ribbon.

You can add a charm, jingle bell, or flower to the angel’s hands.

Forming a halo with a pipe cleaner and gluing it to the head
Making angel wings

Use an ornament hook to hang.

Red necktie angel with heart charm
necktie angel
two necktie angels on a white table
Necktie Angels

More keepsakes created from old clothes you might like: fabric pumpkins and ornaments made from old shirts.

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Merry Christmas,


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Ernesto Predovic

Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Easy to make with supplies you have on hand. Make sweet personal gifts or memories of loved ones. Merry Christmas to geometry dash and your family.


Tuesday 7th of November 2023

Very cute idea! Why not use a tie tack instead of a charm. Extra sentimental!


Tuesday 7th of November 2023

@Nancy, That's a fantastic idea! I am going to add that idea to this craft post.


Monday 6th of November 2023

Great directions.... And the photos!!! Such a nice idea.... Especially made from a tie from one who has passed away to have to hang on the tree....!!! A wooden ball would also work for the head...non breakable..😊


Tuesday 7th of November 2023

@Harriet, Thank you for your visit. It's a great idea for the head. I used a plastic Dollar Tree bulb, which was easy to hang. If you can paint on a sweet face, I would use a large wood bead and paint on an angelic face. Since I cannot draw stick people, I have to cheat.

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