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How to Make Stickers

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Learn how to make stickers with this easy tutorial. There are many ways to make stickers, but this is the easiest way ever.

Flower pots of mums jack o lantern faces on the containers
Flower pot jack o lantern stickers

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How to Make Stickers Step-by-Step

I found the inspiration for these adorable Jack-O-Lantern stickers on Pinterest, and I had to make them for my front porch. It is time to start decorating for Halloween, so this sticker idea is just the right touch. I will add my DIY pillows, hand-painted pumpkins, and DIY pallet pumpkins to my porch decorating.

You can make stickers using items you have at home and without special tools.

Sticker Supplies

The supplies are easy to source, and you probably have them on hand.

Sticker making supplies on a craft mat
Sticker supplies

Tape: You can use any tape for your sticker. I used 2.75″ wide tape for my project.

Scissors: Sharpe scissors are best for cutting out your sticker designs.

Paper: I used printer paper to trace my design, but tracing paper would work too.

Pencil: To trace my design, I used a number two pencil. A pencil is best if you need to erase and try again.

Parchment Paper: Placing your tape’s sticky side on the parchment paper is a must to be able to create a sticker. The parchment paper easily peels off to expose the sticky side.

1. Create a Sticker Design

The design you choose for your sticker can be as simple as a plastic Halloween container.

Tracing the jack-o-lantern face design on a piece of paper
Trace sticker design

Note: It would have been easier if I would have taped the paper to the pumpkin.

Cut out the sticker patterns along the pencil lines.

Template patterns on a craft mat
Sticker patterns

2. Prepare Tape Stickers

Next, prepare the tape by applying the sticky side onto parchment paper.

Electrical tape placed on parchment paper
Preparing the sticker paper

3. Transfer Stickers Design

Trace the sticker designs on the parchment side of the tape.

Tracing the Jack-o-lantern design on the back of the parchment paper with tape on the top
tracing sticker design

4. Cut Out Design

Use sharp scissors to cut out the sticker.

Cutting out design out of the prepared tape
cutting out the sticker

5. Attach Sticker

To attach the sticker l first find the best placement and then outline the sticker with a pencil. Next, I peel the parchment backing off and apply the sticker inside the pencil outlines on the flower pot.

Placing the sticker on the flower pot
Sticking on the stickers
Stickers attached to flower pots filled with mums
Stickers on flower pots

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Darren Fieldhouse

Saturday 16th of December 2023

You have explained well how to make stickers. And I have made many such stickers in my childhood. And now let me give you information about this season. In this winter season, try The Christmas Chronicles Santa Claus Costume which is your best.


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Creating stickers is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your decorations. Feel free to customize the designs and adapt the tutorial slice master for different occasions or themes.


Saturday 4th of November 2023

These Jack-O-Lantern stickers are adorable! I especially love the different faces you created. I've been thinking about making some Roblox-themed stickers for my laptop via delta executor


Sunday 12th of November 2023

@Elina free games, This is really fun and everyone can be creative based on their own preferences. I think you should definitely create according to the appropriate theme. This is easier to form for content


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

Kippi, Love these!! So cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words....I hope you are having a great week!! Hugs, Deb


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

This is such a clever idea! Not to mention cute. Pinning for next year.


Monday 23rd of October 2023

Super cute, and easy to make. I love these Kippi.


Monday 30th of October 2023

@Leanna, Thank you so much. Happy Fall!

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