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How to Make Tassels

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I wanted some small white tassels for ties I was adding to a pillow sham, but I could not find what I needed. So why not DIY exactly what I wanted? But now I had learn how to make tassels. Off to the recycle bin I went in search of a piece of cardboard for the template.

Handmade tassel ties, Embellished Sham

Handmade tassel ties

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How to Make Tassels

Gather supplies

Note: I cut the cardboard template a little longer than I  wanted the tassels so I could neatly trim all of them to the same size.

Tassels DIY, easy Boho pillow sham

Tassels DIY

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First I needed to figure out how many wraps to made around the cardboard template. So I wrapped the floss until I liked the size. I recorded the number of wraps I make so I could make them all the same size. Please note that I used the entire skein of embroidery floss for each of these, but if using yarn, twine, ribbon, etc. you will need to note how many wraps to make.

Tassels DIY Guide, pretty Boho tassels

Cardboard  DIY Guide

After you have as many wraps around the template as you like, you can either cut it off the template and then tie them or tie them and then cut them off. Remember to cut the ties long enough to be used to attach your tassels to your project.

Easy tassel making, Boho embellishment

Easy tassel making

After tying the wrapped floss together in the center I folded it in half holding the long tie ends and used another piece of embroidery floss to go around the bundled floss about 3/8″ inch from the top and tied it off.

Embroidery floss tassels, Boho embellishment

Embroidery floss tassels

Once they are all made I trimmed them to the same length.

Trimming the tassel, DIY tassels

Trimming the tassel

Using the Tassels

I used these white ones on a pillow sham I was making for my daughter’s bed. Her room is still under construction, but it will be a romantic Boho chic oasis once its finished. If you would like to follow along and be swept away into the romantic makeover please check how HERE.

Tassels on the sham, Bohemian embellishment

Tassels on the sham

I could not resist sharing this sneak peek of her bedding. I am obsessed with the llama pillow. My daughter designed it herself  (you can find her llama pattern HERE). The live edge tables we made from a fallen tree you can learn how we made them HERE.

Pillow Shams Embellished, Shams, Bedding

Pillow Shams Embellished

The 4th of July is right around the corner and I wanted some patriotic napkin rings, but nothing looked good with the bandanna napkins. That is when I thought of making some tassels using red, white and blue embroidery floss. Easy peasy and budget friendly 4th of July decor. Checkout some delicious and super easy desserts for the 4th of July and some quick 4th of July decorations too.

Tassel Napkin Rings

Tassel Napkin Rings

Bucket with easy tassels bandanna napkin rings

Bucket with bandanna napkin rolls

Place setting with bandanna napkin with tassels

Place-setting with bandanna napkin rolls

Bandanna napkin with tassels

Bandanna napkin with tassels

I really love how the these DIY tassels turned out for both projects. It’s so easy to grab some cardboard from your recycle bin and some embroidery floss and whip some up too.

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Marilyn Lesniak

Wednesday 10th of July 2019

Thank you for sharing at #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Pinned and shared.

Sylvia|Grace for a Gypsy

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

I love love love tassels. I will have to try to make some! I have tons of embroidery thread.

Sunday 30th of June 2019

Love it! Simple yet elegant ❤️

Jenn Summers

Sunday 30th of June 2019

I love this idea! The tassels look so cute on the pillow and perfect for wrapping utensils. Great tutorial Kippi!

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