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How to Paint Hanging Baskets

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Hanging baskets filled with Boston ferns adorning porches is a Southern tradition. However, my baskets looked awful. They were rusty with peeling paint.

Therefore I decided to update them. That would require I paint hanging baskets to give them a fresh update.

You can see how they looked years ago when they were new in this earlier post about filling a hanging basket.

Baskets filled with Boston ferns hanging from the porch
Boston Fern baskets hanging on a porch

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How to Paint Hanging Baskets

We live outside when the weather permits, so we are outside nine months a year. Our front porch is the best place to enjoy coffee in the morning, so it has to be relaxing and inspiring.


Hanging basket supplies on the ground


Dremel tool in the grass

Remove Rust

It is easy to learn how to paint hanging baskets.

The easiest way to remove rust is with a Dremel. However, you can sand by hand with sandpaper.

Place a sanding band on the Dremel that is appropriate for the amount of rust that needs to be removed.

Sand over the areas with rust.

Sanding the rust off
Sand rusty basket

Paint Hanging Baskets Step by Step

Before painting, prepare an outdoor space with a drop cloth or cardboard for painting the insides.

Place your basket on cardboard. To prevent painting the hook, pull it away from the basket.

Spray painting the inside of the hanging basket
Painting basket on cardboard

Once you have painted the inside, you can lift the basket by the unpainted hook and place the hook on a shepherd’s hook or hang it from a tree.

Slowly paint the outside of basket, the chain, and the hook.

Spray painting a Basket hanging on a hook in the yard
Paint the outside of the basket

Allow the paint to dry overnight before filling, and then you are ready to start filling them.

Tip: I replace the coco liners every year for the best results.

Display Ideas

There are many places to hang ferns, flowers, or foliage baskets. They add a pop of color and beauty to your home and yard.

Places you might consider adding a hanging basket are fences, porches, posts, walls, etc.

Baskets hanging from a porch with 4th of July banners
Painted Hanging baskets

If you like decorating your porch, I think you might enjoy giving your planters a makeover like this one from Sustain My Craft Habit.

blue planter with white flowers filled with yellow flowers on a porch
DIY planter

See you soon,


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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