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Plastic Easter Egg Wreath DIY

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Create a plastic Easter egg wreath to welcome spring and the Easter season.

Easter Egg wreath on a white wood table

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This adorable wreath can be used inside and on your front door.

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Easter Egg Wreath Supplies

Wreath making supplies

Easter Egg Wreath Instructions

Step 1

Prepare the Wreath Form

To begin this wreath, I turned over the cut edge of the ribbon and used a pin to hold it in place.

Pinning the ribbon to the styrofoam form

Then, I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath form to cover it. Finally, cut off the excess ribbon and pin it in place.

Wrapping green linen ribbon around a styrofoam wreath form

Step 2

Attach Plastic Easter Eggs to Form

To attach the plastic eggs, you will want to be sure the form is on a flat surface. Then use hot glue to connect the eggs. I used a couple of smaller eggs to fill in small spaces.

Gluing on the outer egg

Once all the eggs on the first row were attached, I added more hot glue. I found it best to do it with a silicone mat to avoid the wreath from sticking to my work surface.

First row of eggs attached on a non-stick mat

Add your eggs to the next row in varying colors.

Adding the second row of eggs

Tilt up the wreath to add more hot glue after the row is complete.

Adding more eggs to under the top eggs

The final row of eggs may need to be the smaller-sized eggs.

Step 3

Easter Grass

You can use Easter grass to fill in the spaces between your eggs.

Wreath form covered with plastic Easter eggs

You can make a little bunch of grass before applying glue to make it faster.

adding hot glue in the spaces between eggs

I found that applying the hot glue to the Easter egg wreath first worked best.

Filling in the spaces with Easter grass

After you apply hot glue to the area you want to fill with grass, you have to bunch up a small handful and quickly push it into the hot glue. Again, you can use silicone fingertips to prevent burning your fingers.

Using scissors to trim the grass
Easter Egg Wreath

You can trim the extra grass with a pair of scissors.

Next, attach a hanger to the back with hot glue.

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Happy Easter,


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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