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How to Propagate Mint

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If you use a ton of mint in your recipes, you will want to grow your own mint. It so easy to grow, and you can start by propagating mint from the grocery store. 


Mint in glass jar

How to propagate mint from cuttings

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How to Propagate Mint

You probably have everything you need to start growing mint from cuttings.

Propagating Supplies

  • Jar or glass
  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Garden snips
  • Mint
***You can watch the how to Propagate Mint Video HERE
supplies, jar, water, gloves, garden snips

Garden supplies 

This is such an easy way to grow a ton of fresh mint for free. 

I use a recycled jar for propagating; however, you can use any jar or glass for this task.

Fill your jar or glass with water.



Fill propagating jar with water

Fill the propagating jar with water.

Then gently hold the fresh mint and cut about 4 to 5″ stem at a leaf node. 

Cutting the mint

Cutting the mint


Next, to prevent the leaves from rotting, I remove all the leaves submerged in the water. 

Remove lower leaves from mint stem

Remove lower leaves from the mint stem.

This cutting is ready to be placed in a jar of water.

Mint stem ready to propagate

Mint stems ready to propagate.

Place your cut mint stems in your glass of water and sit in a sunny spot in your home. I keep mine on the kitchen counter. 

cuttings in jar of water

cuttings in water

Every 3 days, replace the water in your jar.

You can see in the photo below how the mint cuttings look.

Growing mint from cuttings

Growing mint from cuttings

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And now that there are a few roots present, what comes next? Just stick it in the ground?

Cindy Rust

Sunday 30th of May 2021

Great post Kippi! Mint is one of my faves and I keep mine in containers. That was a lesson I learned years ago after adding mint clippings from a friend in my herb garden. Omgoodness, it overtook the other herbs so quickly! Thanks for sharing!! Pinning!

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