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Sealing Terracotta Pots

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Sealing terracotta pots is the best way to protect your plantings from drying out. It also protects your decorated pots, such as paint and decoupage.

How to Seal Terracotta Pots

Since terracotta (clay) pots are a porous material, it is essential to seal them.

Sealing them protects your plant’s roots from quickly drying out.

It also protects any decorating, such as paint and decoupage.

two clay pots, one clay saucer and a can of glaze on cardboard

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Terracotta Pot Sealing Supplies

Step One Prep Your Area

The best place to seal your pots is outdoors. You should not inhale the spray, so choose a calm day for spraying.

Place terracotta pots before painting on a drop cloth or the like.

Old shipping boxes are the perfect “drop cloth” to keep the sealer off your grass or work surface.

spraying a clay pot and saucer sitting on cardboard in the yard

Step Two Sealing Terracotta Pots

Now you are ready to spray your pots and saucers inside and outside. Once the sealer has dried, you can turn them over and spray the sealer on the bottoms.

Your pots and saucers are ready to use as soon as the sealer dries.

Be sure to check the manufactures directions and dry times.

Step Three Painting or Decoupage

If you want to paint or decorate your pots and saucers, you can begin as soon as the sealer is dry.

Terracotta pot in the garden

The options for your painted pots are endless. This flower pot’s busy bee design was painted on by my daughter, Olivia O’Hern (she is a blogger too).

Wait until your paint job has dried before sealing.

I like to use water-based acrylic paint for decorating my flower pots.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors after being sealed.

Decoupage Terracotta Pots

Decoupage allows you to add pretty napkin designs, fabrics, printables, and more to your flower pot. You can find more tips and tricks about decoupage in this earlier post.

Applying sealer to fabric decoupage clay pots

After your Fabric Mod Modge dries, spray a coat of sealer over the fabric.

Mod Podge Sealer

You can use Mod Podge spray on outdoor sealer over your painted pots instead of the Krylon Glaze. In this earlier post, you can read more about this adorable pot with feet.

Flower pot with Mod Podge sealer

Do You Have to Seal Terracotta Pots Before Decorating?

Yes, sealing your clay or terracotta pots and saucer before painting or decoupaging them is necessary.

If you do not seal them, then your paint and decoupage with a start to bubble up and peel off.

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Damion Reichel

Tuesday 14th of November 2023

However, their porous nature can cause some challenges when it comes to maintaining the moisture levels of the soil and bloons tower defense preserving the longevity of the pots.

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