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Christmas Gnomes – Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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These adorable gnome ornaments are so easy and fast to make you are going to enjoy creating them. Making Christmas ornaments is perfect for crafting with the kids. They will enjoy creating gnome ornaments for gifts, decor, tree ornaments, and just for fun.

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Gnomes

DIY Christmas Ornaments – Gnomes

Using seasonal fabric and trims, you can make Mr. Gnome for any season.

Halloween Gnome ornament

Halloween Gnome ornament

Here is a Pin for your Pinterest board to save this ornament idea for later.

How to Make a Christmas Gnome Ornament

Homemade Ornaments and supplies

Homemade Ornaments and supplies for DIY Gnome making

How to Make Gnome Ornaments

We used items we had on hand to make these gnomes; thus, they were almost free to produce. Therefore, these gnomes are great for decorating for Christmas on a budget.

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You can find all my favorite crafting supplies HERE.

Making the Gnome Beard

Making a yarn beard with single strands seemed daunting; therefore, we decided to make thin tassels (the tassel maker I use) for the beard.

Tassel maker for Gnome Beard

Tassel maker for Gnome Beard

Gnomes – DIY Christmas Ornaments how-to video:



To make the beard tassels begin by turning back the bottom two tabs on the tassel maker to make a 5.25″ tassel.

Wrap yarn around tassel maker

Wrap yarn around the tassel maker

At the bottom (5.25″ mark), gently hold the cut end and wrap the yarn six times around.

Tie off the tassel

Tie off the tassel

Next, cut an 8″ piece of yarn to tie off the tassel. Slip the adventure ends into the long slot at the top of the tassel maker around the yarn loops and tie them off.

Finished Beard tassel

Finished Beard tassel

Gnome Pattern and Fabric

After printing out your gnome pattern, cut it out, trace it on cardboard, and cut it out.

Gnome Ornament Pattern

Gnome Ornament Pattern

Next, place your pattern on your felt and cut around, leaving an extra 5/8″ around the pattern.

Using Gnome pattern to cut out Gnome Hat

Using a Gnome ornament pattern to cut out the Gnome Hat

Gnome Hat Assembly

To help hold the fabric on the cardboard, I used a glue stick in the center of the gnome hat. Then I placed the cardboard in the center of the fabric triangle.

Use glue stick to adhere the fabric to the cardboard

Use a glue stick to adhere the fabric to the cardboard

Fold the fabric to the wrong side and glue with hot glue leaving the corners unglued, then press with your silicone finger protectors (these are the ones I use) on.

Glue fabric to the back

Glue fabric to the back of your cardboard hat

Use silicone fingers to glue fabric

Use silicone fingers to glue fabric

Glue all three sides leaving the corners open

Glue all three sides leaving the corners open until last

Trim away the extra fabric in the corners and add a glue dot to hold the corners together.

Cut off extra corner fabric

Cut off extra fabric in the corners to finish the hat fabric

Gnome Hat Trims and Beard

Place small dots of hot glue to attach the hat trim and gently tap your embellishments in place with your silicon finger protectors.

Place dots of glue on the hat to adhere trim

Place dots of glue on the hat to adhere trim

Then add the second trim using the same method. Again, cut the embellishments longer than the width of the hat.

Cut off trim a little longer than hat

Cut off the trim a little longer than the hat.

Glue the extra decoration to the backside of the hat.

Cut ribbon for the hanger

Cut the ribbon for the hanger.

Cut a 6″ length of ribbon for your ornament hanger.

Glue a pom pom on the hat

Add a pom-pom to the top of the gnome hat.

To form the ornament hanger, fold the ribbon in half and glue it in place.

Add the beard tassels

Add the beard tassels.

To make the gnomes beard glue on the tassels spacing evenly.

Glue on the wood ball nose

Gluing on the wood ball nose to complete this Christmas craft

You can use a wooden bead or another pom-pom for the nose. Glue on the nose carefully using hot glue.

Add the nose

Add the nose to your DIY Gnome Ornaments with hot glue

DIY Gnome Ornaments

DIY Gnome Ornaments


More Gnome Crafts You Might Enjoy:

Make some Easy Gnomes DIY with a Free PDF gnome pattern.

No-sew sock gnome

No-sew sock gnome

Christmas gnomes are so whimsical and fun that they make everyone smile. They are perfect for Christmas decor and every day too.
The easiest way to make gnomes is using the gnome pattern printouts and this simple no-sew sock gnome tutorial. Learn how to make your no-sew Christmas Gnome HERE.

Christmas Gnome

Christmas Gnome

These adorable gnome applique pillows are easy to make. They can be used all year round but are especially cute during the holidays. I used the linen fabric we carry in our shop as the pillow cover.

Mr. & Mrs. Gnome Pillows

Mr. & Mrs. Gnome Pillows

Gnome pillow, updated familyroom

Gnome pillow

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DIY Christmas Ornaments on a Christmas tree

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Please join me (HERE) as we craft up some fun. You can look forward to receiving new inspiration every week. Which includes online crafting events and seasonal and holiday crafting too. 

See you soon,



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Tuesday 8th of November 2022

These are adorable, Kippi! Such a great tutorial! Pinned!

Val Lachance

Monday 8th of November 2021

Do you have instructions without all the FB add on top?

Rebecca - Glutarama

Monday 25th of October 2021

Oh my goodness these are beyond adorable - I'm sending this page to my daughter in the hope she gets the hint and makes me some! #FridayFavourites

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Tuesday 9th of March 2021

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Jane Doe

Sunday 8th of November 2020

These will make great Christmas gifts for friends that can be posted [if you use a squishy nose]. Love the idea.

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