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DIY Standing Bunny Reclaimed Pallet Wood

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Spring is a time of new beginnings; for this reason, as soon as the temperatures start to warm up, I create new projects such as DIY crafts, gardening, and cooking. I had a stack of pallets, so I decided to make a pallet wood project; also, I wanted it to be an easy project. I know how much fun my pallet bunny has brought my spring and Easter decor, so I tried to make some to share.

A DIY standing bunny from pallet wood would be a fun DIY Easter project. Therefore I made a pattern from the bunny I made last year. These standing bunnies are perfect to greet my family and guests. I know these will make someone else happy too.

four painted Wooden pallet Easter Bunnies standing in the grass

Wooden Easter Bunnies are the perfect Easter pallet woodcraft project.

This Easter bunny decoration project only takes a few minutes to build from the reclaimed pallet wood, however, taking apart the pallet does add another 10 minutes to the overall time.

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How to Build a DIY Standing Easter Bunny

Supplies and Tools:

***For your convenience I have gathered all my favorite spring crafting must-haves HERE.

After gathering your supplies and tools, you can start building your Easter bunny decoration.

First, you have to deconstruct some pallets. You can see how we did that here.

Reclaimed wood pallets leaning against the porch

Reclaimed wood pallets

Bunny Pattern

Assembling the bunny is especially easy if you set up a table since you need a flat surface to lay out the pallet wood. I used boards placed over a sawhorse as my work surface.

Also, I made a video about making the easy pallet bunny; you can see it here.

Reclaimed pallet wood cut into pieces with the bunny template placed over the wood

Reclaimed pallet wood

I am using the bunny pattern/template to determine where to place the smaller and larger pieces with attention to the bunny pattern placement.

Tracing the bunny pattern on wood onto the palette wood pieces with pencil

Tracing the bunny pattern on the wood

Once I traced the bunny pattern on the wrong side of the pallet wood, I used applied wood glue between the boards.

Gluing the pallet boards together to form the bunny

Gluing the boards together

Support Battens

Using a piece of scrap 2 x 4, I ripped them to make the support battens.

Adding battens to back of pallet wood inside the pencil traced lines for the bunny

Adding battens to back of bunny wood

I determine the batten placement by placing them over the traced DIY pallet bunny (pieced of scrap wood) from the bunny’s bottom to above the ears’ tip.

Applying wood glue before adding the battens

Adding glue

The batten wood gives the bunny support, so adding them is very important to allow the bunny to stand up straight. Using wood glue in the area where the battens will be attached coupled with stapling and adding two screws will keep your Easter bunny decoration in a straight standing position for years. Moreover, if you are placing your bunny outside, be sure to use waterproof wood glue.

Stapling the battens on the pallet wood pieces on a work table

Stapling the battens

Staple the battens in place, particularly careful not to place any over the cut lines. I like to trace the ear cut lines over the battens before taking them to the saw.

Tracing the top of the bunny ears on battens with a pencil

Marking the bunny ears

For extra support, I add two wood screws on both battens into the bottom board coupled with the staples and wood glue; this forms a stable wood bunny.

Adding two screws to the bottom boards for extra support

Add screws

Next is cutting it out with a band saw; as a rule, I wear eye protection when operating woodworking tools.

Cutting out the bunny with a band saw following all the pencil lines

Cut out the bunny

Note: I gathered up all the wood scraps; as a result, I have enough for another scrap wood project, such as Easter eggs.

Bunny Stand

Then I used a scrap wood 2 x 4 cut to 10″ for the bunny’s bottom or base; then, I marked the screw placement. To begin with, I drilled countersink holes for the screws.

Marking the placement for the bunny on the stand block

Marking the stand block

Note: It is easier to paint the bunny before adding the stand.

Screwing the stand block to the bottom of the pallet wood bunny

Attach stand

The next step is to add the two wood screws into the base.

Finishing the Pallet Bunnies with Chalk Paint

How you finish your bunnies depends on if you want to leave it rustic and unfinished or sanded a little and chalk painted. Another equally important question is will your bunny be outside and possibly get wet?

If you use your bunny inside, you will not need a water-protective finish. However, if you will be using the bunny outside, you would need to use this type of water protective finish to protect the wood.

Painting the pallet bunny with Chalk paint

Chalk painted bunny

Four pallet wood bunnies standing in the yard

wood bunnies

Easy pallet projects are fun to do together. Kids can join you for this scrap wood DIY craft by allowing them to trace the bunny pattern, paint, make the bow, and decorate them. See how to make easy bows here.

Pallet Wood Bunnies With Buffalo Check Bows

Wood Easter Bunnies

These easy DIY home decor projects are inexpensive beginner woodworking projects anyone can build. The one-board-bench the bunny is standing on is another one of my easy woodworking projects for beginners.

DIY Wooden Bunnies that have been painted for Easter standing the yard with bows

Painted wood bunnies


More DIY Craft ideas for reclaimed wood:

A farmhouse vintage toolbox inspired this adorable scrap wood project. Also, you can use this wooden tote all year for storage and home decor.

Girl holding a Wooden Tote for Easter

Wooden Tote for Easter

You might also like to build some Pallet Pumpkins together with the bunny project.

DIY rustic pallet pumpkins painted with yellow, orange and blue paint standing in the yard

rustic pallet pumpkins

Chalk-painted wood signs for both spring and Easter.

DIY Easter Decoration Spring Block Signs DIY with ducks and flowers on a table

Spring Block Signs

More Easter Inspired DIY Crafts and recipes:

Up-cycle an old screen door or scrap wood to make a chalkboard, making it almost a “free” craft project. Moreover, you will find a simple DIY bird nest and DIY candle holders up-cycled as display stands.

Vintage door upcycled into a Farmhouse Spring Chalkboard Sign

Spring Chalkboard Sign


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Happy and Healthy Spring,


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Saturday 2nd of March 2024

My printer would not print the bunny pattern you sent me. Any ideas?


Monday 20th of February 2023

Adorable! Love the soft colours you chose! Whenever I think of Easter, these are the exact colours that come to mind!

Friday 18th of February 2022

Thank you for sharing this beautiful project love love it will be looking for more beautiful things you share with us Alicia

patrick A ohern

Thursday 10th of February 2022

love the bunny project \


Saturday 29th of January 2022

Great holiday woodworking project. Can’t wait to try this one.

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