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Clear Christmas Ornaments DIY

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Create a gorgeous Christmas tree with clear Christmas ornaments that you customize with spray paint, vinyl decals, ribbons, and trims. I wanted to create a fun Christmas tree inspired by candy canes and peppermints, so I chose red and white as my color scheme. However, you can use any color paint or combination of paint and vinyl to transform your one-of-a-kind clear ornaments. 

Red and white Christmas Ornaments decorated with vinyl and ribbons sitting in a muffin tin

Clear Christmas Ornaments

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How to Paint and Decorate Clear Christmas Ornaments

Since I wanted to decorate a Christmas tree with red and white ornaments on a budget, I needed to make them. I had a few DIY red and white decoration felt ornaments and some wood beaded ornaments.

I needed many Christmas ornaments to fill my tree, so I found clear ornaments at a bargain price. Now to decorate those clear bargain ornaments. Some of the clear ornaments were plastic and some glass.

Supplies Needed For Clear Ornaments DIY

I recommend you watch the entire how-to video before starting.

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Cut Sticks for Painting

The first ornament I painted while trying to hold it. It turned out messy with my fingerprints in the paint. Therefore, I decided I needed something to hold the ornaments while painting.

My first thought was to use my craft dowels, but I wanted to use them for another craft; for this reason, I decided to use sticks.

I cut enough sticks for every ornament. 

Cutting sticks with garden snips on the a wood table

Snip sticks

Painting Clear Christmas Balls

Before painting the ornaments, remove the metal caps and save them until later. 


Another thing I learned from painting my first ornament was to wear a glove on the hand holding the stick. 

Suppose you are like me and find spray painting so satisfying fun you will enjoy painting them. I recommend using spray paint with a chalky finish since it goes on ultra-smooth.

Spray in small bursts while turning the blub to prevent dripping. 

holding a clear ornament while spray painting it with red paint

Spray paint clear ornaments

After I painted the ornament, I placed the stick into the ground or a styrofoam block until dry. 

Sprayed painted clear ornaments on sticks stuck in the ground while they are drying

Painted sticks in the garden drying

Vinyl Decals

The easiest way to add the vinyl decals to ball ornaments was to place the painted bulbs in a coffee cup lined with a paper towel.

I made each style and color into ornament sets to ensure equal amounts of each design and color. 

painted ornaments in coffee cups with vinyl sitting on a craft mat

Painted ornaments and vinyl

I cut out the decal design (stripes, dots, and crosses) with my Cricut Maker. You can use any Christmas decoration decal. Since I adore geometrics, I choose to use them for my DIY Christmas ornaments.

Design Placement

The center bottom had a small circle indention I used for my stripe design placement. I placed the center of the vinyl decal (sticker) over the ornament’s bottom indention. Then I pulled the vinyl up and around to the top.

Decorating a white painted ornament with red vinyl stripes

Adding vinyl stripes

I repeated this process while crossing over the stripes on the bottom to form equal verticle stripes.

Adding the last red vinyl stripe

Attach the last red stripe

Some of the stripes were not long enough, so I added a little striped vinyl. 

Adding another piece of red vinyl stripe to the white ornament

Vinyl stripe extender piece

After I finished adding the vinyl designs to my ornament, I carefully replaced the metal cap. 

Replacing the metal ornament cap after the ornament is finished

Replace the ornament cap

Polka Dot Design

The placement of the vinyl dots and crosses was random. You can see me decorating these in this video from earlier.

Adding white vinyl white dots on the red painted ornament

Making polka dot ornaments

Red and white Christmas tree with gifts and ornaments

Christmas tree with DIY Christmas ornaments

Embellish Painted Ornaments

I decided to add a ribbon or trim to each ornament.  Since my Christmas tree ribbon has red and white check ribbons, I thought adding a mini check ribbon to the decorations would be fun.

I cut a piece of ribbon long enough to make a small bow (like tying a shoe).

Pulling red and white check ribbon through hanger loop

Add ribbon

I added a white mini ball fringe to red ornaments with white polka dots.

Adding a ball fringe trim to the hanger loop on the red polk dot ornament

Polka dot ornaments add ball fringe

Decorate with DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments 

I added the ribbon to the Christmas tree first, then added the ornaments around the stripes. I was again careful to dispute the size and colors pleasingly. 

More ornament ideas:

You can see how the adorable red and white felt ornaments I made a few years ago in this earlier post

The wooden stars I made as well (see how in this earlier post). Finally, the pomo pom ornaments I made using a pom pom maker (see how in this post).

The ornaments with the pom-poms and tassels, you can see the how-to video from a Facebook live.

Tree Decorated with Handmade red and white Christmas Ornaments s

Tree Decorated with Handmade Christmas Ornaments

You can see the completed tree and room all decorated for Christmas in this earlier post.

Additional Tips

Note: The same paint worked for both plastic and glass ball ornaments.

Note: I cut the vinyl decal shapes in multiple sizes. 

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Merry Christmas, 


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Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Your ornaments are fabulous! I got a Cricut for my birthday. This is the perfect project. Thank you!

Kelly Radcliff

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

These are beautiful! ! Makes me want to a get a Cricut now! Pinning!


Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

I was wondering how you would use the sticks! These look great. Your photos are always so crisp & clear too.


Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

This is perfect timing I just made some bows and didn’t like how they came out! will try yours.


Tuesday 21st of September 2021

These turned out great Kippi. I love buying the plastic ornaments in bulk to create pretty ornaments.


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