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How to Wrap a Gift

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I enjoy giving gifts as much as I do wrapping them. Who can resist a gorgeously wrapped gift?

Gift wrapped in red and white paper with a white wreath on it

Gift Wrapped Christmas Present

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If you are still looking for the perfect gift, you can find the Ultimate Gift Guide in this earlier post.

Wrapping Presents Step by Step

I like selecting gift paper, tags, and ribbons that coordinate.

Furthermore, I like coordinating my gifts with my trees, such as red and white for one tree and green, white, and black for the other tree.

Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree Box and Gifts in red and white paper and gift toppers

Christmas tree with DIY Christmas ornaments

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Gift wrappings in colors of white, black, tan and green

Christmas Gifts

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Cutting the Gift Wrap

I recommend watching my Wrapping Gifts Like a Pro video before starting.


If your wrapping paper has a pattern, you can choose how you want the design to run.

Next, place the top of the gift box on the wrong side of your paper. 

Cut the wrapping paper large enough to cover your gift with an overlap from side to side.



Gift box place on the wrong side of the the gift wrap

Box on wrapping paper


Tape the paper overlap on the bottom with regular tape since this will not be visible. 

Next, bring the paper from the roll to place over the bottom of the box. Make a crease along that edge.

Cut the paper a little longer than the creased edge. 

Tip: The paper on the sides should be long enough to extend about 3/4 up the ends of the box.


Folding over the cut edge of the wrapping paper

Press the cut edge of the paper

Taping the Sides 

I like to tape (use regular tape) the overlap on the first side to give my paper a tug for a tight fit.

Then I add double-sided tape to that overlap.

Adding three pieces of double-sided tape along the inside of the overlap on the bottom of the gift box

Add double-sided tape

Next, I pull the top paper with the flap, place it over the double-sided tape, and press it in place.

Placing the folded paper edge over the double-sided on the overlap

Place paper over double-sided tape

Using your finger and thumbs, press a crease in the edges. 

Crease all the top edges of the paper

Crease edges


Finishing the Ends

To finish the ends, I like to fold in the side of the ends first. Then I press a crease along the edges.

Folding over paper at the sides of the ends

Fold over the sides of the end

Next, I fold down cut the edges of the top and bottom of the ends then crease the edge.

Fold over the ends of the paper and crease edge

Fold over ends

Tip: To make it easier to get a neat finish, I use a little tape to tape the bottom flap to the ends. 

Then I place double-sided tape along the upper flap.

To finish the end of the box place double-side gift wrap on the inside of the top paper flap

Add double-sided tape to the top flap

Next, I press the upper flap over the taped up bottom flap and then crease the edges. 

Finished gift wrapped present with a professional liook

Professional gift wrapped end

Gift Toppers – Finishing Touches

A gift without any adornment is like a wedding cake without a topper. 

There are a ton of available ribbons, tags, and ornaments to use. I love to make my toppers, so they are unique. However, I also like a combination of elements to achieve a festive gift design.

Ribbon – Bows

If you have been following my blog, I know I adore ribbons and bows; therefore, I love to use them to top my presents. You can learn how to make my favorite bows in this Bow Making post.

Pretty Christmas gift wrapped gifts in black, green and white

Ribbon bows on presents

Tan gift wrap with white deer heads with a black and white checked ribbon bow and a deer tag

Deer Christmas wrap

I love pom-poms too so I cannot resist making some to coordinate with my presents too.


Gift Tags

Gift tags can add another fun and personal element to the present. I like to use mini clothespins to attach these layered tags.



I have used the tag hole punch to make my gift tags for years (life before Cricut). You can see in this video how I use it to make tags from old Christmas cards.

Combining a large tag with a smaller one for a layered one is an easy way to add dimension and interest to your gift.

The adorable presents below are in an antique rolling laundry basket (you can see all the gifts in this post).


Handmade gift tag attached to bakers twine with a mini clothespin

Handmade tag

Tan and plaid handmade gift tags

Plaid handmade gift tags

Ornaments and Decorations

After Christmas, I purchase ornaments to use the following year for my gift toppers. 

For fun, I like to make a few decorations for my packages. 

DIY wrapped present wreath topper supplies

DIY Wreath gift topper supplies

Gift wrapped in red and white paper with a white wreath on it

Gift Wrapped Christmas Present


More Gift Wrapping Ideas

You can make your own wrapping paper with craft paper. These gorgeous presents were wrapped by my friend Jayne from Chalking Up Sucess. Jayne shares how to wrap gifts in an eco-friendly way.

tan and white craft paper gift wrapping with checked ribbon bows on a table

This pretty DIY paper bow was created by my friend Rebecca from Zucchini Sisters. This is a great way to use up those wrapping paper scraps.

Blue and white gift wrapping with a button center under the Christmas tree

Blue and white handmade bow


Want a Stress-Free Holiday???

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Please join me for a ton of inspiration and ideas!  And have the best of everything this holiday.

Merry Christmas,



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Rosemary Palmer

Thursday 25th of November 2021

I love pretty packages, those little accents jus tmake them over the top.

Laura Lee Walker

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Thanks for the great tips. xo Laura

Linda Johnston

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

I love a prettily wrapped present!


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

This is such a festive tutorial for the holidays

Anita holland

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Great tutorial, you are a good women. I am a very basic wrapper, no bells and whistles.

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