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DIY Burlap Bunny

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Spring is almost here, so I decided to create a DIY burlap bunny to decorate for spring and Easter.  

Nothing says hello spring better than a cute burlap Easter bunny.

One of our most popular spring posts is the DIY standing bunny; it is for your porch, and this standing bunny is for your home decor.

Burlap bunny painted white with a pom pom tail and on a dowel

Burlap bunny


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How to Make a Burlap Bunny

I had the supplies for making a burlap bunny on hand, so it is both fun and budget-friendly craft. 

Bunny Supplies

* I recommend that you watch the how-to video before you begin

  • Burlap 
  • Pattern (printable download)
  • Dowel
  •  White paint
  • Wooden base
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Silicone mat
  • Scissors
  • Leaf vine
  • Ladybug button
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Sewing pins
  • Parchment paper
  • Wood stain
  • Sponge brush
  • Yarn 
  • Pom pom maker
  • Skewers
  • Pink felt
  • Buttons
  • Drill 
Crafting supplies on a craft mat on a table


Cutting out the Bunny 

After I printed out the pattern, I cut it out using paper scissors. 

Then I folded over the burlap fabric and pinned the pattern pieces onto the burlap.

the paper patterns pinned on the burlap fabric on a cutting mat

Bunny pattern

Next, I cut out my pattern pieces.

Note: I cut four ears so I could sandwich wire between them.

Painting the Bunny Pieces

Then I placed all my burlap pieces on a piece of parchment paper.

I painted all the bunny pieces with chalky white paint; however, you can use any paint color. They would be cute painted in pastel colors too. 

Once they were all painted, I allowed them to dry overnight. 

Painting the Cut out fabric pieces on a piece of parchment paper

Paint fabric pieces

I placed heavy books over all the painted burlap bunny pieces to flatten them.

Books placed over the dry painted burlap pieces

Blocking with Books

After a few hours, I removed the books and trimmed all the paint from the edges of the burlap pieces. 

Trimming the extra paint off the Painted burlap pieces with

Trim dry paint

Burlap Bunny’s Ears

Inner Ear

To form an inner ear, I traced the ear pattern on pink felt, then I cut it out and trimmed the pink felt ear on all the curved sides. 

Tracing around the ear pattern on the light pink felt with a fabric marker

Trace inner ear

I attached the inner ears to the outside of two painted ears with hot glue aligning the straight edges. 

Gluing on the pink felt inner ears to the front side of two burlap ears

Attach inner ears

Ear Wire

I decided to add wire to the ears to make them bendable. To achieve the shape, I used the inner ear as my guide and bent the wire with my hands, then hot glued it in place to the inside of the back earpieces.


Glue floral wire to the insides of the back half the ears using hot glue

Glue on wire

Marking Placement

Next, using an air soluble marker, I marked the placement for the ears on the inside of the back piece of the bunny. 

Using an air soluble maker and the pattern as a guide to mark the placement of the ears

Mark ear placement

Bunny Stand and Supports

Then I added a dowel with hot glue through the center of the bunny’s body. 

Note: I stained the dowel with wood stain before this step.


Glue the dowel rod to the center of the inside of the back of the bunny with hot glue

Attach dowel


Attaching the skewer pieces with hot glue to the inside back on both sides of the dowel

Glue on support pieces

Next, I added skewers that I painted white to add extra support, forming a cross with the supports and center dowel. Finally, I used wire cutters to trim them to fit. 

Stuffing the Burlap Bunny

Your bunny stuffing can be a white paper bag, a grocery bag, fiberfill, cotton balls, etc. 

I used the white paper bag to hold its shape without adding weight to the bunny.


Supplies for stuffing on my craft mat

Bunny stuffing supplies

To begin stuffing the bunny, I ripped a piece of the paper bag and crimped it to fit the bunny’s head and front leg.

I added some hot glue along the front leg and bunny face and placed the front piece over the hot glue. 

Then I repeated this process for the hind leg and tail. 

Note: leave open the bunny’s back.


Adding pieces of the crinkled paper bag to the bunny's head and front leg

Stuffing bunny

Next, stuff the bunny’s body through the opening on its back, then glue the opening shut. 

Stuffing the body of the bunny through the opening at the top of the body

Stuff the body

Decorating the Bunny

I used a button for the eye and burlap, and a collar. 


Decorating the bunny with a burlap collar, button flower and green leaves on a silicone mat

Decorating the bunny

Bunny Stand Base

The base for my standing burlap bunny was a slice of a fallen tree that I drilled a little indent into the center. Then, I added some hot glue and inserted the dowel.

Inserting the dowel into the wood slice's hole

Attach bottom

Next, I glued some leaves on a vine spiral up the dowel and added a ladybug. 

Dowel wrapped with green leaf vine and a ladybug

Attach ladybug

Burlap Bunny Tail 

I made a small pom-pom (see how to make one here) and glued it in place.


Hot gluing on a handmade pom pom as the bunny's cotton tail

Bunny tail


Bunny on a stand on a table with a burlap runner

DIY Burlap bunny


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Sally in St Paul

Friday 10th of March 2023

That is so cute! I do rabbit decor year round so this is up my alley.

Donna Allen

Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

This bunny is so adorable! I just love it! Great tutorial! Donna


Tuesday 15th of March 2022

I cant get your bee skep cause it only takes you to Facebook I am not on Facebook would like to see it Thanks

Denise/My Home of All Seasons

Friday 11th of March 2022

Love this Kippi. Anything with bunnies and I'm all in. Have a great weekend!


Friday 11th of March 2022

@Denise/My Home of All Seasons, Thank you so much for your visit today. Have a great weekend, Kippi

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