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Christmas Tree Box – Tree Stand

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Every artificial Christmas tree has a different stand, and none of them are attractive, so I decided to build a Christmas Tree Box Stand to fit each tree’s stand and size.

You can see how I decorated this Christmas Tree in this earlier post.  I made all the small embroidery hoop, wood bead, and bulb ornaments.

I used tree skirts in past years, but they take up too much space or don’t fit the area where I want to use my trees.

How to Build a Christmas Tree Box

Building a DIY Christmas tree box is an easy woodworking project even for beginners. You can paint your box (like this one) or stain it to match your decor, but either way, they are gorgeous. I decided I wanted the same stain as my blanket ladder and the wooden Christmas trees, so they all coordinated. 

You can also customize your side panels with X’s, cutouts, or paint. 

If your living room is small, you might want to use a small Christmas tree, such as a slim or artificial pencil tree with a smaller box.

You can use a stand collar or box for a live tree as well.

Christmas Tree with Ribbon in a wooden tree box

Christmas Tree Box

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Tree Box Tools and Supplies

The tools for this project are items you probably have on hand. 

The wood you choose can be scrap wood, pallet wood, pine, oak, etc.

I used scrap wood to build this box since we had a large pile of shiplap leftover from our bedroom makeover.



KREG pocket hole guide with a drill bit

Hand screw clamp 

KREG square tip driver

Crown stapler (Porter Cable)

Cordless drill 

Palm Sander 

Measuring tape

Wood pencil

Glue brush



1x2x8 pine

Shiplap planks pine (this is similar to what I used)

One ¼ inch Pocket screws 

1-inch wood screws

Wood Glue 

1/2″ staples


Wood Stain (this is the one I used)

½” plywood



 on a table

Christmas tree box supplies

DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Wood Cuts

Using a miter saw or table saw, cut your lumber for the box sides:

Cut eight @ 1x2x17 for the top and bottom face frame boards

Cut eight @ 1x2x9 for the left and right face frame boards

Twelve shiplap boards are cut at 15″ long each.

Cut two @ 1x2x14 (base – bottom frame)

One cut at 1x2x15.5 (base – bottom frame)

Cut one @ 17×15.5 from 1/2″ plywood (base – bottom frame)

Before moving to the next step, I used a wood pencil and placed an X on the wrong side of the wood. Then, I choose the best side for the front side of the frame.

Note: The size of your box frame will determine the length of the filler boards. In other words, the boards need to cover the opening in the frame plus one.

Then you will have a half-inch overlap onto the frame along all four edges.

Assembling the Frame

To assemble the sides, I drilled one pocket screw hole in each of the 9-inch frame boards. I used the Kreg pocket screw kit to make my pocket screw holes.

Note: These holes will be on the inside of the box.

Note: I recommend building each side assembly separately. 

Then I applied wood glue to the cut ends of the frame boards (2 each of the 9″). 

To build your side frame, start with the 17″ boards on the top and bottom, then butt the 9-inch boards’ (so they are inset) against the 17″ boards.

Clamp the joint, then use a drill with a driver tip screw in the pocket screws.

Note: There are four screws for each side frame.



Assembling the face frame of the Christmas tree box using a hand screw clamp

Assembling the box face frame

Repeat the side frame building process for the other three sides.

Christmas tree box Assembled face frame sitting on the work table

Assembled Tree Box Frame

Side Panel Filler

You can fill your frame with various types of wood. However, I choose shiplap from our scrap woodpile.

For this box, I cut 12 shiplap boards cut at 15″ long each. However, you can customize the size to accommodate your tree stand.

Cut shiplap boards to cover the opening in the frame so you will have a half-inch overlap onto the frame along all four edges.

I used a measuring tape to determine the centers of the side frames then I marked the centers on the frame edge and the filler boards. 

Then I marked the 1/2-inch overlap where to place the first horizontal filler board.

Marking the inside centers of the frame and center boards with a pencil

Marking the centers

Next, I applied wood glue on the area where I would attach the first filler board. I used a glue brush to spread the glue evenly.

Applying wood glue to the inside of tree box

Apply wood glue

Next, I will align the filler board center mark to the frame’s center mark and the 1/2″ horizontal line.

Then I will staple the board in place (add two staples in the ends and three across the top for the first and last filler boards).

Repeat the process for the following two filler boards.


Stapling the filler boards to the inside of the tree box frame

Staple filler boards to frame


Finishing adding the last filler board with a stapler

Finish adding filler boards

Finished side panel before staining sitting on the table

Finished side panel

After building all four side panels, I used a palm sander and sanded the frames.

Using a palm sander to sand the side panels

Sand side panels

Note: At this point, you can stain or paint. 

I stained the other three sides and left this one plain wood for my process photos.

Assembling the Box Sides

The first step in assembling the box sides is adding four-pocket screw holes in two side panels (at the top and bottom of the sides).

To assemble the box, I attached the side panel with pocket screws (with a driver tip) into two-pocket screw holes butting the sides together. 

Note: I added a small line of glue on the joint before screwing the sides together. 

Using pocket screws to attach side panels to form a box

Attach side panels

Building the Box Base (Bottom)

To assemble the bottom of the box, I built a frame out of 1×2’s butted screwed them together.

Then I pre-drilled the screwed holes in the plywood to the top of the frame. 

Aligning the screw holes in the plywood to the frame top, I screwed in the screws.

 Frame boards for the Christmas tree box base

Box base frame

Assembling the base frame with screws

Assembling the frame


Predrilling the screw holes through the box bottom and frame

Pre-drill bottom and bottom frame


Finished Christmas tree box bottom

Box bottom

I installed the box bottom to accommodate the height of my tree. Therefore, I had to offset the box bottom from the bottom of the sides. 

Note: I had to mark the placement and check for level before screwing the bottom in place.

Attach the box bottom to the box side assembly

Attach box bottom

Staining the Tree Box

I have found that using a piece of foam is the best way to apply stain. Also, I wear gloves to prevent staining my hands too. 

Wood staining supplies (stain, foam, gloves, and cotton cloth)

Supplies for staining 

To start the staining process I apply a generous about of stain and use the foam to work some stain into the corners, edges, and grooves between the wood. I allowed the stain to sit on the wood for 15 minutes per the stain’s instructions before using a cotton cloth to remove the excess.

Note: Read the directions for the stain or paint product you are using to determine the correct method for that product. 

Staining the Christmas tree box with a piece of foam and gloves

Staining the wood tree box


Small Tree Box Stand Tutorial Video


You can see how I decorated this tree in this Christmas Home Tour.

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