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Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

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Learn how to make a simple upcycled wine bottle bird feeder for your feathered friends.

I used an upcycled wine bottle as my inspiration for this fun project. For the wood, I used the same wood I used to build our birdhouses and bat houses.

We have enjoyed feeding the birds with pine cone and orange bird feedersOrange Bird Feeder, however, the bottle feeder is self-filling which makes it so easy. 

Green wine bottle and wood DIY bird feed on a wood work table outside

Wine bottle bird feeder

Please note: I have joined some amazing bloggers for this upcycle bottle challenge; you can find their inspiring projects at the end of this one. 

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How to Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

You can use a wine bottle or any bottle just make the size adjustments. 

Bird Feeder Supplies

**I recommend watching the bird feeder video before you begin.

1x6x8 pressure treated 

1 ¼ inch deck screws

1 ¼ inch finish nails

Exterior glue

Glass wine bottle



Table saw

Miter saw

Cordless drill

Band saw

1 ½ inch drill bit

countersink drill bit

Measuring tape

Speed square

Hole saw

Glass cutter

Trim saw

Lumber Cuts

The first step for building this bird feeder is to cut off your wine bottle and then measure the length and width to determine the needed lumber cuts. Note: I used a simple glass cutter to cut my wine bottle half.

Lumber cuts for bird feeder on the ground

Lumber cuts

Back 1×4 1/2×15 

Bottom 1/2×4 1/2x 5 ½ 

Lower bottle support 1x3x3 

Upper bottle support 1×4 ½ x4 ½ 

Bottle cover 1×4 1/2×3  

Roof  1×4 1/2×7 

Seed tray trim 1×1/4 (cut three to fit the size of your tray)

To begin building the wine bottle bird feeder, I cut my lumber to fit the size and shape of my wine bottle; however, every bottle is different, so please adjust your cuts to accommodate your wine bottle. 

After cutting out the back of the bird feeder, I then cut one end at a 30-degree angle.

Next, I cut out the bottom (seed tray). 

Then I cut the lower bottle support and cut a hole to fit my bottle’s neck. Next, I rounded off the front corners using a tin can for my template.

Next, I cut the upper bottle support using a hole cutter (save the round wood cutout for the plug). Note: I cut the hole slightly larger than my bottle. I rounded the front of the upper support the same way as I rounded the lower support. 

Then, I cut the bottle cover and cut a 60-degree angle for the front edge.

For the roof, I cut one end at 30-degrees (this will be the end that rests against the backboard).

Finally, I cut the seed tray trim to hold the seeds from spilling over the sides. Note: I cut the side trim pieces longer than needed then trimmed them to fit.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Plans

To begin assembling the bird feeder, I clamped the back piece to my work table and butted the bottom seed tray board, then made two pilot holes (A) through the bottom to the backboard.

Next, I install two deck screws (B) into my pilot holes.


Pre Drilling and screwing the screws to attach the bottom board to the backboard on a wood table

Pre-drill and screw

Lower Bottle Support

To attach the lower bottle support, I held it in place and drilled one pilot hole, then added a screw.

Pre drilling the lower bottle support with the backboard clamped to a wood table outside

Pre-drill bottle support


Upper Support

Next, I clamped the upper bottle support in place. Note: Your support should be installed so that the cut edge of the bottle is even with the top of the wooden support bracket.

From the backside drill, two pilot holes to holes, then attach upper support with screws.


Upper bottle support clamped to the backboard before screwing it in place

Clamp upper bottle support

Bottle Cover

I used the wooden circle cut out from the upper support and attached it to the bottle cover to create the bottle cover. 

Bottle cover with wooden plug on a wooden work table outside

Bottle plug

I recommend placing the cut end of your bottle over the plug to check the fit. 

Cut off bottle sitting over the wooden bottle plug

Glass Bottle with plug


Next, I placed the bottle and the bottle cover plug in the wooden holder to check the fit of the roof.

Note: I used a Dremel (a sanding band) to grind the front edge to adjust the fit. 


Holding the wooden roof over the bird feeder to check the fit before attaching

Glass bird feeder roof

Next, I attached the bottle cover to the bird feeder roof by making two pilot holes (C) and installing screws in the pilot holes (D).

Pre-drilling and screwing the bottle plug to the roof on a wooden table outside

Attach the roof to the plug


To attach the front bottom seed tray trim, I applied wood glue then placed it along the front edge aligning the trim to the bottom edge of the tray. Note: the trim will create a guard for the seeds.

Applying wood glue to trim for the bottom seed tray

Glue seed tray trim

Then I used a clamp to hold the front trim in place while hammered in two finished nails.

front seed tray trim glued and clamped in place

Front trim clamped in place.


Hammer in two finishing nails into the trim pieces

Nail on trim

Next, to attach the side trim, I applied wood glue to the sides of the seed tray and then placed the trim pieces in place, aligning to the front edge.

Using a hand saw to trim off the excess seed tray side trim pieces

Cut off excess trim

Then I nailed the side trim in place with finish nails and trimmed the excess trim flush with the back using a trim saw. 

Filling the Wine Bottle


Filling the bottle with bird seed sitting on a table outside

Fill Bottle bird feeder with seeds


Out view of the bird feeder with the top off and the bottle filled with bird seed

Filled Birdfeeder


Placing the roof on the bird feeder

Place the top on the bird feeder


This bird feeder can be mounted on a post, tree, or pole. 

You can find more DIY bird feeders in this earlier post. 


More Upcycled Bottle DIY Projects:

What could be more than creating something using bottles from your recycle bin? 

These lovely frosted bottle lights with gold accents and lids were created at A Crafty Mix.

Frosted bottles with lights, gold accents and gold lids

Frosted bottle lights

This light and airy macrame air plant holder was created by Birdz of a Feather.

Glass bottle with macrame net covering the bottom half holding an air plant

Air plant glass holder

These adorable Easter bunnies were created from upcycled soda bottles by Interior Frugalista.

Upcycle Soda bottle Easter bunnies filled with candy

Easter bunny bottles

This amazing steampunk upcycled bottle makeover is a one-of-a-kind work of art made by Unique Creations by Anita

Cooper painted steampunk designs over a recycle bottle

Steampunk bottle

These gorgeous DIY tiki torches were created from upcycled bottles by Songbird.

Two bottles filled with fuel. One has purple fuel the other has pink fuel with tork wickes.

Glass bottle torches



Want More Craft Ideas?

Please join me (with this form) as we craft up some fun. You can look forward to receiving new inspiration every week. 

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Kimberly Snyder

Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

Such a great idea! I really need to learn how to use power tools! Thanks for sharing this great idea!


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

This is such a great idea, I just love it! Perfect for the back yard and you made it look so easy to do :)

Brittis Maria

Monday 21st of February 2022

This is such a well done project! Great for the environment

rosemary palmer

Monday 21st of February 2022

This is a great idea for a different looking bird feeder. And so many colorful bottles available.

Anita Holland

Monday 21st of February 2022

Very clever design, you thought about everything. I bet your garden will be flooded with birds.

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