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Step by Step Hoya Propagation

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Since we spend most of our time at home, we have been updating our house and yard this year. One of my favorite parts of the update is, of course, the yard.

We built trellisesObelisksolar lanternsbirdhousesshutters, and window flower boxes.

During the spring and summer, I like to bring the house plants outside. My favorite house plant is the Hoya or Wax Plant (the scientific name is Hoya carnosa). It has the most amazing flowers.


Hoya or Wax Plant

Hoya or Wax Plant

I asked my daughter, Olivia, to make me this groovy hairpin leg table to use outside to hold my Hoya plant.

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How to Propagate Hoya – Wax Plants

These gorgeous flowers are so amazing and perfect they appear to be fake. The first time I saw them, I visited my husband’s sister, Lynne, and her family. She had a Hoya that her grandmother gave her, and it was in full bloom. What a wonderful sight to behold. 

She propagated a cutting for us (above, you can see how it looks now). That cutting has grown into a robust Hoya plant that I have harvested many cuttings from to give to friends.

The beautiful Hoya blooms below are from my son, Sean’s, plant I rooted from the stem cutting I cut from the parent plant. 

Flowering Hoya - Wax Plant

Flowering Hoya – Wax Plant

**For more gardening inspiration and ideas, I have added some amazing gardening posts at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out too. 

Easy Method of Propagation

Propagating Hoya stem cuttings are easy and fast; therefore, I propagate multiple pots simultaneously. That way, I will have plenty to give as gifts in pretty flower pots

Hoya propagation supplies

Hoya propagation supplies


Gather your supplies, and you are ready to start the propagation. 

Flowerpot with planting medium

Flowerpot with planting medium

Fill a small pot with the potting mix using a garden trowel.

Making snips of the Hoya vine

Making snips of the Hoya vine

Using a pair of garden snips, I cut off a 12-inch long stem with a few leaves.  


Dip cut end into growth hormone

Dip cut end into growth hormone

Then I place the cut end into the rooting hormone before planting it. I plant cutting several inches into the soil so deep roots develop.

Insert the stem into the soil

Insert the stem into the soil

For your convenience, I have gathered all my Gardening must-haves HERE.

Remove the lower leaves

Remove the lower leaves

If your stem has leaves that will be below the soil level, then snip them off before planting.

Flower pot with three Hoya clippings

Flowerpot with three Hoya clippings

I like to add three cutting to each pot.

After planting the cuttings, I use a mister to water them every day for a week.

After the first week, I water them thoroughly once a week.

Be careful not to overwater because if they are too wet, they could develop root rot.

My Hoya plants thrive in the bright light that is indirect morning sunlight. 


Mist cuttings to keep moist

Mist cuttings to keep moist

This is a hoya I rooted several years ago. 

Propagated Hoya

Propagated Hoya

The flowers and leaves appear to be made out of wax hence the name wax plant. 


Wax Plant - Hoya Flowers

Wax Plant – Hoya Flowers (The hoya leaves have tiny white spots on them)


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Monday 27th of November 2023

The hoya plant has such unusual blossoms! I appreciate you exposing me to this new plant because I had never heard of it before. Adorable geometry dash subzero gloves for gardening!


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

When taking cuttings, make sure they have at least two nodes (the points where leaves emerge). Remove any leaves from the lower node to create a clean cutting.


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

I call it the star flower, I planted it on the side of the hallway and it spread very quickly, it formed into clusters and was shaped like a star. However, it doesn't smell too much, but I like the lightness of it, I often play just fall and look at flowers in the afternoon, that's how I enjoy my space.

Maria Cortes

Sunday 24th of July 2022

Kippi, I'm so glad I happened to come across your tutorial! I've had a Hoya since my dad started one for me in the mid 80's. I now have two big Hoya plants. During spring I take cuttings to give away. But obviously due to being young plants they haven't grown the bare stragglers which is usually where the flowers will grow when the plant matures. I understand it will take 5-7 years for this to happen. So, I was wondering if you've had any experience taking a cutting with the straggler and rooting it. Would this affect the straggler? I hope to hear from you. Thank you in advance.


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

I don't think I've ever seen this plant! Its very interesting. I love the trailing leaves. Thanks for sharing.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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